Are You Insurance-Aware, or Insurance-Driven?

21 Apr

There’s a big difference! Here’s the reality – as long as dental insurance is in existence, you WILL be in the insurance business. This doesn’t mean you surrender to insurance in all of your decision-making. It DOES mean that you are your patients’ advocate. You’re on their side, not the insurance companies’ side. You are right beside your patient guiding them to get the dentistry they WANT, not the dentistry their insurance will pay for, but at the same time you help your patients’ benefit from the plan that they pay for.

You may not realize, but often times your focus on insurance is heavily influencing your patients. Are you bringing up insurance before the patient does? Are you sending out pre-determinations? Are you committing in writing on behalf of the insurance companies what you think they’ll pay? Are you spending hours on the phone verifying insurance? If you said yes to any of these questions, chances are you insurance-driven.

On the other hand, being insurance-aware means you’re equipped to handle the objections and assist patients in a way that helps them get what they want, not just what insurance will cover. Insurance-awareness also means that you allow the patient to have ownership for their plan, rather than becoming an unpaid employee of their insurance company.

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