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“Counting My Chips.”

16 Dec

“Chris: I know it’s not good form to look at the year’s numbers before the year is over–probably like a gambler counting his chips at the table while he’s still playing!  But, I had to look.  These numbers don’t count the 6 days I have left in the year, either.

1.  The practice has seen 205 fewer patients this year.
2.  We have had a 10.5% jump in production
3.  We have had an 8.5% jump in collections
4.  We have collected 103% of production
5.  The staff to this point is on pace for $11,000 AEI/person for the year(over $3,000 more than last year) 20th straight year establishing a new collection record for Team Williams.

Not bad for a “down” year!”

Kurt A. Williams, DDS
Ellsworth, KS

“A/R Dropped $35,000!”

15 Dec

Dr. John Armstrong and team of Kanab, UT have done a fantastic job in lowering their Accounts Receivable. The last three months, A/R has dropped $35K!!!  Through offering prepayment and outside funding they have had great success.

“We each got $910 AEI!”

14 Dec

“Hey Amy, I’m soo sorry we have been really busy here!  I can’t believe its less than 2 weeks till Christmas already!  I attached our last monitor from Nov. and we each got $910 AEI that cycle.  Hope you have a great Christmas and New Years!! ;)”

Courtney @ James S. Peterson DDS, Coppell, TX

“Only 1 Patient All Day.”

7 Dec

Hey Chris and Amy,

It was a slow day here…

I only had one patient all day….

But prepped 20 veneers and crowns on her….

Maybe tomorrow it will pick up…

Dr Paul Cox, DDS, Temple, TX

“Diagnosed more crowns just by smiling.”

6 Dec

“We are working on closing questions.  It has been an interesting morning with patients and placing them in emotional control of their decisions.  I have diagnosed more crowns by just smiling and shaking my head so to speak.”

Dr. Alan Walker, DDS, Boise, ID