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Way to go, Team Waite!

24 Apr

Jo Ann from Dr. Waite’s office in Colorado Springs has decreased their accounts receivable by 60% in the last 15 months!

“Powerful motivator.”

18 Apr

“I think the three biggest contributing factors to our success have been regular role playing, watching/critiquing videos, and an early awareness of where we stand in relation to set goals on a daily basis. Every week I’m the patient while we are role playing. We have been practicing different scenarios from start to finish concentrating on smooth, non-redundant hand-offs. I think it has built more confidence for the whole team. We have also resolved a few minor glitches that we weren’t even aware we were doing. To me, watching the videos as a team is the most instructive thing we do. There really isn’t anyway to fudge on camera. You either get it right or crash and burn. Either way it becomes a teachable moment for the whole office. We learn individually what to do or not do, as well as learn the strength and weaknesses of each team member. After watching a video we stop, discuss and plan how to utilize our strengths and minimize our weaknesses to be better next time. The accountability of knowing the daily goal and having a number printed in black and white at the top of the schedule each morning is a powerful motivator.” -Debbie @ Dr. Dave Carpenter’s office

“Fantastic week of case acceptance and prepayment!”

10 Apr

“We just had a fantastic week of case acceptance and prepayment! Currently for the cycle we have produced 119K and collected well over 100% last week. Attaching AEI directly to collection may have been a factor. Asking questions that help t…he patients focus on getting healthy long term has made a big difference. A ten thousand dollar case that we collected yesterday came from a referral of a long time patient who told her friend that she is very impressed with our office and the implant she got last year. I am going to call her personally and thank her as Dr. Brady suggested I start doing to promote further referrals. A dentist in town recommended us to a patient who prepaid for an 8 thousand dollar case yesterday as well, and we diagnosed collected and produced a 6 thousand dollar implant/crown/bone graft case yesterday morning. Wow! And, we borrowed two days from April so I could translate for general conference this weekend, so we still have two days to go to finish our 15 day cycle.” – Kanona W. Felt, DDS