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Team Walker is doing awesome!

18 Nov
“Just a heads up from Idaho, last cycle turned out good. We are having a phenomenal cycle 11 (November). The team is doing awesome! We picked up a little camera to record and everyone wants to use it. We are seeing a great improvement in everything. We still have a long way to go, but we are doing great!!”

Dr. Alan Walker, Boise, ID

Go Team Yeary!

18 Nov
“I just wanted to let you know that we sent out an end of the year “use your benefits” blast and have had several patients call in for appointments. Had one patient book a boulder because he didn’t want to lose out on his benefits for the year. Also collected a boulder pre-pay of $10,650.00!!”

Darla at Dr. Mason Yeary’s, Plano, TX

Congats Again, Team Bodie!

10 Nov

Dr. Jack Bodie, Jody, Ylissa and Nina are on a roll!  They collected 200% of their production last cycle!!

Dr. Bodie, Richardson, TX


Cha ching, way to go Team Dickson!

8 Nov

November already has 66K on the books with a planning appointment yesterday where we presented 12K and got 4K prepaid and scheduled. Also, today got 25k scheduled on a 45K full mouth case…….cha ching, way to go team. Dr. Darren Dickson, Plano, TX

Team Cardon bonus, again!

8 Nov


Team Cardon earned $514 each in additional earned income last cycle. Dr. Cardon has done a great job of communicating vision to his team – he is steadfast in filling out monitors which has allowed him to give his team constant feedback and maintain an open line of communication.  

Kudos to Jane, Debbie, Karen and Dr. Paul Cardon, Jefferson City, MO