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30 Nov

Hey Amy-

I know you are out all week spending time with your family, but I wanted to shoot you a quick email…Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.46.30 AM

Today is the starting day on our new cycle, it is also the last day we are in the office the week of Thanksgiving. We are leaving today very happy and thankful for our Bodie family. We were able to pull together today and kick off the new cycle with a $11,109.15 collection day! What a blessing! Thanks for all the encouragement.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jaylyn Sprinkel – Front office

Dr. Jack Bodie, Richardson, TX

‘You have been profoundly influential’

30 Nov


Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.10.37 AM



Dear Amy,

As our year comes to an end, I am reminded of the coaching that you gave us in planning for the year ahead. I also  recall that we should be reviewing our vision and also  setting  goals for 2016.

It hasn’t worked for me to set aside the first  hour  of a Monday morning for a staff meeting. I prefer to work with more spontaneity especially when they are gaps in my schedule. I had that opportunity today to have a staff meeting over lunch. It was fascinating.

I asked Lebo what the highlight was for her in terms of her  learning and experience the 2015. She shared a lot of interesting information particularly in regard to the advanced work that she saw me doing  which she had never seen done before. On the soft side, she certainly  has become more comfortable in speaking to patients.

I had read in one of the Brady newsletters the importance of getting to know patient well before treating their teeth. The newsletter also mentioned finding out  three personal facts about the patient that would facilitate a warm and friendly relationship.

The goal that we have set for 2016 is to establish for every patient three personal facts that we can build on in cultivating that relationship. I’m sure that will help greatly in  allowing them to go  ahead with the dentistry that they need by wanting it.

Jackie continues to be fantastic and innovative. I wonder if you been following a Facebook activity?  Lebo remarked  that I’m so much more relaxed since Jackie took over the front desk.

My ability to connect with patients and sell the dentistry has improved dramatically. I’m highly conscious of the emotional side of the interaction and try very hard to minimise the “tell” mode.

As I told you previously, I mention your name so often. You have been profoundly influential in my growth and development even at my late stage in life.

I wish you all the best as a year comes to an end and thank you very much again for your beautiful friendship.


Dr Gerald B. Kaplan
Gerald B. Kaplan Prosthodontist

Johannesburg, S. Africa

Remarkable Adventure!

20 Nov


Thank you for your time this morning. I am motivated to get to 11 day cycles so we will get to work! Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas.

Below are three photos from Africa, my wife Cappi took. She took  over 800 pics so it is hard to pick just one. The first is a photo of five Lion cubs, the larger ones were just over a year old the others,  this years cubs about four months old. Their mothers were out hunting. Three more cubs were just right of the photo. We were about 20 feet away. It was taken in Phinda game preserve in South Africa. The second photo is on top of  table mountain in Cape Town overlooking the harbor. The third photo was taken in Hwange national park in Zimbabwe,  south of Victoria Falls.

You helped make it possible to take the time off for this remarkable adventure. THANK YOU!

Steve Baumgart, DDS

Denver, CO



Corporate dentistry vs. private practice… how it affects your care.

18 Nov

Decisions are made differently in a corporate environment than in a small business.  When it comes to dentistry, this has a direct impact on choices for patient care.  Our clients know that running a strong small business gives them the best opportunity to make the choices they prefer for patient care.  In this way, thriving as a small business can mean raising the standard of care for patients, which is the best reason for a dentist to practice as a strong small business.

In a corporation-run dental office, the dentist practices dentistry with the available resources.  There may be some basic input on materials, techniques and standards but for the most part, the dentist is an employee and not a decision-maker at the highest level.  There is no doubt, these dentist do their best work for their patients.  However, there can be a difference in the kinds of treatments and services that are offered by independently-owned private dental clinics.  This begs the question, what is different when the dentist is making all the decisions?

For instance, a dentist’s choice to study and practice some leading edge dental techniques can introduce an entirely new element to a dental practice that lead to higher standards for care.  Specialized niches are emerging in dentistry such as Biomimetic Dentistry and Oral-Systemic Connection among others.  Leading edge science is developing techniques and materials that are changing dentistry, making it less invasive and more beneficial to overall health.  These niches are not adopted by corporate dental businesses until there is a business demand for it.

Meanwhile, a dentist who is a small business owner can make the choice to learn and introduce such niche, leading edge techniques because his/her motivation is not based on business demand.  Our clients recognize that they have the chance to offer better standard, to simply offer better dentistry.  As a small business owner, there is only one person who has to approve that: the dentist.

Our practice helps dentists maintain their autonomy as private health care providers who can make choices to improve the standard of care.   You can have a strong, thriving practice by learning to run it more effectively as a small business.   With insurance issues and corporate competitors, running a dental practice is different these days.  However, keeping your eye on the basics about why you became a dentist in the first place keeps your purpose true.  If you are ready to learn more about improving the business of your practice so you have the freedom to focus on standards of care, please contact us today to learn more about The Brady Group.

Are You Able to Say You Increased Revenue by $169K over 2014?

4 Nov

Dr. Kanona Felt is a Brady Group veteran.  Located in Carlsbad, New Mexico, he has some fantastic things.  First and foremost, he has the right people on the right seats on the bus.  He has clarity in his vision.  He frequently shares his expectations and holds his team accountable. Has it been easy?  I’m sure he’ll tell you ‘Absolutely not’.  But the change has been worth it.

Are you ready to position yourself for this kind of success?  We’d be honored to be a part of your story in 2016.

IMG_7956 IMG_7957

Free Strategic Action Guide!

4 Nov

Last year when I went to Colorado Springs in November, my luggage didn’t make it. Because I didn’t have any clean clothes and had to waScreen Shot 2015-11-04 at 12.48.44 PMit at my hotel until late afternoon for my bag to finally arrive, I wasn’t able to make the afternoon meeting. I didn’t want to waste the day, so I decided to have a “Vision Day” and work on what I wanted to have happen in 2015. It was the most effective and valuable one of those type of days I had ever had because I was in a great setting to completely focus, free of distractions and commitments that can tug at you at home or work. Now that we are reaching the end of 2015, I can also see that for really the first time I was able to carry my focus on those things I had worked on through the year because I had put the time in up front.  ~ Dr. David Hennington

Take time NOW to schedule your Strategic Vision Session for 2016!  Get away from the practice, spend at least half a day with a set agenda. Oh – and put away the cellphones!!

Click here for your free Strategic Planning Action Guide!

Hygienist shares her experience…

2 Nov

‘I like that we Skype and get to see and hear from you (Amy, Personal Coach) . I think exercises that you have us do make me think of things differently or from a different perspective’

Melissa, RDH

Dr. Felt’s Office,Carlsbad, NM

What Happens When You Practice What You Preach…

1 Nov

This is what Dr. Brady and his team experienced last week —

Last Thursday, an out of town person visiting Colorado Springs called with an emergency. He pulled off 2 crowns with Halloween candy. As we finished re-cementing the crowns, we asked ‘when was the last time you sat down with your dentist to take a careful look at the health of your mouth and develop a life time plan’? His answer . . . ‘Never’. ‘How would you feel about sitting down with us for a no-charge visit to chat about the condition of your mouth and put some sort of a plan together?’ He said that he was going back ‘home’ in 7 days but if we could do it before then, . . . We asked him to come back the next day (Friday-we were going to be in the office doing a big case). He agreed. We took photos and were ready for the next day’s planning appointment.

He arrived with his spouse. L After learning how he felt about his teeth, we threw out some possibilities for helping him save his teeth. His wife had a ton of ‘negative’ questions about the treatment. But remembering the goal is to get as many ‘No’s’ as possible, we stayed the course. Time for the close. Fee is $29,500. No one said anything. Finally, he broke the silence and asked his wife what she thought. Surprisingly she said, “Do you want to have your teeth when you’re 80? You have the money. Why don’t you get it done.” YES!!! He’s seeing Vickie to have his teeth cleaned before he leaves to return to Florida and is returning after the first of the year to have his dentistry completed. What we learned? Always ask EVERYONE for a planning appointment. Because, you never know.   They just may say ‘Yes’!