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New Office, WOW Bonus!

27 Apr

Dr. David Hennington and Team of Georgetown, TX kicked off their first cycle in a brand new office with $995.0o in additional earned income for each full time team member!

“Thanks for your coaching and patience.”

27 Apr

“Team Walker hit bam on day 13 of the cycle.  We have 2 days of bonus plus a little from day 13.  Finally made it.  Now we just get to keep plugging.  Everyone seems to be pretty excited.  We hit and hit big for us.  After being with the Brady Group for basically 4 month we made $3,364.00 to divide 5 ways.  Almost $700.00 per person.  The team has pulled together and we have a different feel.  Thanks for your coaching and patience.”

Alan Walker, DDS & Team
Boise, ID

“The Fantastic Team Kalmus”

20 Apr

“A BIG WOO HOO TO OUR GREAT TEAM!!!  Yesterday we produced over $6,000 and collected over $21,000!!!! Can’t express how great that feels!! Thanks Amy for keeping faith in us and your wonderful coaching.”

The Fantastic Team Kalmus

Stuart R. Kalmus, D.D.S., F.A.G.D.
San Antonio, TX

$26,000.00 Pre-payment – WINNING!!!

14 Apr

“Just ran a Care Credit through for $17,500.00 and then she put $8,500.00 on her regular credit card for a total of $26,000.00 pre-payment.”

Gary Robison, DDS
Mesa, AZ

Team Zimmerman splits $5,800 bonus!

5 Apr

“It is great to see my small team destroy the BAM number. They split $ 5,800 3 ways!!!”

Erich Zimmermann, DDS
Lakewood, CO

Team Robertson scores record month!

4 Apr

“Our March month did a record $95,000.00 and collected $86,000. I believe we’re really filled up our hygiene scheduled (everyone was working super hard on calling past patients that we hadn’t seen in a while) …we had hardly any appts available for the month and Dr R did more implants this month then we have been doing. I do hope the trend continues ….and we also just scheduled a $22,000.00 case in April too!!”

Dr. Randy Robertson’s Team
Elgin, TX

Team Williams – WINNING!

4 Apr

Chris and Amy:

I know that I haven’t spoken with you for a while.  Well, I haven’t gone anywhere.  We have just been working hard to improve ourselves and our communication skills with our patients.

As I reported, January and February were off a bit from last year.  In fact, February was down quite a bit, which of course concerned me because of my inflated fixed costs with my “new” office.  So, March came around and we had planned another Invisalign Day, which I thought would save our bacon.  But, then Invisalign Day was a bust.  So, I was becoming quite concerned.  But, as things ended up, I guess I had nothing to worry about at all.  We have established a new monthly record for team Williams–$170,000!!!!

Apparently, we weren’t “broken.”  We just couldn’t control the weather.  We have sold several cases in the 10-20K range and have had a couple “old” plans call us back to schedule work we had previously diagnosed.  The team has been amazing–I have patients tell me that every day!  We have also been concentrating on asking our best patients for referrals (and it is working).  I have also heard evidence that my name brand is getting recognized in communities further away.

In Chris’ last video-3 Barriers to Growth, I found it interesting that Market Dynamics was something that affects us.  I have never allowed myself to “blame” anything other than myself.  I do believe that “Market Dynamics” played a role in our poor January and February.  However, to our credit, we kept sharpening our skills as a team so that when the opportunity came, we could pounce on it.  The end result is a new 1st quarter record, a 9% bump over last year’s 1st quarter record and a bonus of 230/employee from February, to a bonus of over $1,100/employee in March!  The secret is to always be ready!  It doesn’t hurt that Chase is being very aggressive right now, either.

Just wanted to spread the “Good News!”

Talk to you later,

Kurt Williams, DDS
Ellsworth, America!

Team Cardon – WINNING!

2 Apr

“We finished the last cycle this past Monday with good news–it was our 3rd time reaching AEI (bonus)  in a row!

Dr. Paul Cardon & Team
Jefferson City, MO

Team Mellard – WINNING!!!

1 Apr

Hi All!  We had a FANTASTIC month! The team got $706.25 in fun money and we saw 40 new patients. Accounts receivable is -16,953.93! Not bad for only being a year old! This is the 3rd month in a row that we’ve gotten fun money! So far this year each team member has received $1,662.75 in fun money and we’ve had 114 new patients! What a great group of people to work with!

Mary Mellard, DDS, MAGD
San Antonio, TX