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Happy Halloween from Team Bodie!

25 Oct

“Just wanted to share our great day! Patient prepaid for a boulder next week with $12,000.  Then a planning apt turned into $7,500 of treatment with Carecredit financing.

We helped Murray, the traveling Gnome prepare his delivery items for this week.  Yummy cupcakes, candy and treats for our surrounding neighbors.  We got a new patient from last weeks deliveries, so Murray the Gnome now has a full time job in marketing the neighborhood!  Ha!

Dr. Bodie and staff is pumped up for what is happening and we look forward to what’s to come!  Thanks for your help Amy and Dr. Brady!

Jody @ Dr. Jack Bodie’s office
Richardson, TX

Another big one for Team Bodie!

18 Oct
Dr. Jack Bodie’s team of Richardson, TX, collected a pre-payment of $26,600.00 last week!  Way to go!

Team Walker on a Roll!

18 Oct

“We had an $8,000 pre-payment collected last week.  Here is a copy of the check.  Way to go team!!”

Dr. Alan Walker, Boise, ID

Dr. Brady’s Mission ‘Possible’ SuperConference was a huge success in Salt Lake City!

7 Oct

Register now for the next Mission ‘Possible’ SuperConference in Las Vegas! It happens November 30 and December 1 and 2. It’s always so much fun. Hope to see you there!

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Congrats Team Cardon!

4 Oct

Dr. Paul Cardon‘ team, of Jefferson City, MO,  earned $463 each in additional earned income last cycle – Debbie did a fantastic job of collecting prepays, which was a big contributor to their success!

Team Yeary kick up their heels for Patient Appreciation BBQ!

3 Oct

Dr. Mason Yeary’s recent Patient Appreciation BBQ that was held 9/29/11 in Plano, TX. They had around 400 patients attend this event to celebrate with them!!

“Team Walker bonus 6 months straight!”

3 Oct

“We finished another cycle and we are on 6 months straight of AEI.  I think that is pretty good since we are almost at our 1 year anniversary with The Brady Group.  Our evening huddles we are focusing on the positives.  It was a great week of just thanks at the end of the day.  Thank you for your help.

Dr.  Alan Walker
Boise, ID

Brady Group Inner Circle Doctors Meet at Flying Horse Ranch.

1 Oct

It’s was a great meeting, lots of positive energy and a wealth of knowledge in the room. If you missed it, please join us for the next one.