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All’s Good at Anna Dental!

2 Aug

“Things are good!  Did a 22K case today and scheduled another 12K case.  Good exhausting day.”

Jeffery Ludlow, DDS
Anna, TX

Team Dickson Enjoying Fun Money!

28 Jul

“Fun money for the girls has been as follows:

May $500 each,
June $1,150 each,
July so far projected to be $1,000 each

Pretty good since in this quarter the girls have gotten a total of $2,650 each in fun money.  A nice change for

them from the last year of very little fun money. I am very proud of them and excited for the rest of the year.

Oh yea, the $113K collections last month….Best Month Ever!!  Thanks for all you do.”

Darren Dickson & Team
Plano, TX

“Team McKaskle Strikes Again!”

12 Jun

“Just wanted to let you know that we produced over 18K again today and collected $16,500. We have also been well over goal 5 out of 6 days this cycle so far.”
Derek McKaskle, DDS
Katy, TX

“My Office Is Going Gangbusters And My Team Is On Fire!”

4 Jun

“On a personal level, things are great.  I am in the middle of a 12 day vacation along the Oregon coast with the family.  It’s been a wonderful trip.  And we all still like each other after a week together in the mini-van!

On a professional level, my office is going gangbusters.  We produced 136,000 last cycle, and collected 121,000.  This cycle is done from a production standpoint (I’m not there to do any  more dentistry), and I finished at around $120,000 production.  The money was still coming in when I left, and they were trying to decide if they wanted it all on this cycle or not.  We were at around $105,000 when I left last week.  Had three cases accept care for a total of $55,000 the last day I worked.  They were going to be doing records and finances for them while I’m gone.  My team is on fire – the $800+ bonus each month doesn’t hurt that.”

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen
Highland, Utah

P.S. This is on 10-day cycles.

Team Stewart Better At Taking Pictures

1 Jun

“Amy, we wouldn’t miss the big Broadmoor event!! Looking forward to seeing you then. Quick update….SAY CHEESE!! We’ve gotten better at taking pictures at the first “free consult” appointment.  It opens doors so much easier when a patient can see his teeth for himself and cuts down the time to do the treatment planning/exam appointment the next time!  See ya soon!”

Scott Stewart, DDS
Lakewood, CO

“Two Big Cases Pre-paid Team Nemec!”

26 May

“This current cycle is great.  Lots of veneers!  Two big cases – pre-paid.  So, we’re ahead of schedule for being on track for this cycle.  We have more new patients coming in too, which is always helpful.  May tends to be a tougher month for us – end of school – but it’s going better than we expected.  We always talk about next year’s calendar in June and we finalize our days off by the end of July.  So, that’s when we’ll talk, as a group, about the cycles for next year.  Benjy and I have discussed cutting back to 14 day cycles, but keeping our goals the same as they are now.”

Amie Nemec, Austin, TX

“Role Playing Really Does Help.”

19 May

“I really enjoyed the meeting last Wednesday with Dr Brady, it was the swift kick I needed to get me back on track.  It was great to review why we are doing all this for the patients, to get them what they want.  I know we need to get back to basics, role play!!!!  Dr Unser and I did a role play in am meeting on Monday when I hand off to him, and we got one planning appointment and a future planning appt. Role playing really does help!!!! We had a great day. Lots of diagnosis, took pictures, asked lots of questions. I know I have gotten comfortable and I stepped out of my comfort zone both Thursday and Monday.”

Allison at Dr.’s Baumgart & Unser
Lakewood, CO