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Are You Holding Yourself Accountable As A Leader?

2 Jun

Who is the leader in the practice?  Everyone.


In the upcoming Dr. Continuums, we will discuss with the doctors how to work with each team member to become ‘CEO’ of your specific roles in the office –  you each have different gifts that you bring to the table and are leaders in your own specialty. 

Of course, as the head leader of the practice, the dentist has the responsibility of helping people develop in a way that encourages them to hold themselves accountable for their attitudes, their work, and their results by setting the standard through the practice vision. 

We need to be as disciplined, resourceful, and resilient in our efforts – not sure what your role is?  ASK!!!  Sometimes in the ‘busyness’ of our week, it’s taken for granted by others that you know what to do.  We are all human, so we have inconsistency that can sometimes confuse the vision or direction of the practice.  Many times we hear from our dentists that team members aren’t doing what they’d like them to do.  The flipside is that we also hear from team members that they are confused as to what the expectation might be.  Our experience has been that most of the time, it’s not a willingness issue, but a miscommunication issue. 

Team –  here’s your challenge for the week –

Set up a time with your doctor to ask questions –

‘How am I doing as your assistant/hygienist/front desk?’

‘What are the most important things that you’d like for me to do every day?’

‘What are some specific things I can measure so that I know I’m meeting your expectation?’

Don’t wait for your doctor to come to you.  Many times, it’s too late.  Relentless leadership on everyone’s part is embracing the fact that the need for reinforcement never ends and uncomfortable conversations are a necessity. This is how we create something special.