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“Our patients have been touched by an emotional side of dentistry!”

27 Apr

“Things are going really well.  It seems that we have been consistently seeing new patients, lately. It’s wonderful! In the last two weeks, the girls and I have been really emotional as we have been getting to know our patients.  With that said, we have been listening with our hearts when we ask thought provoking questions during our interviews.  Although the questions we are asking “seem” the same and redundant, each and every patient has a different answer; a different story.  As we ask these questions, we continue to proceed with the patient by asking “why?” or “tell me more about that”. Amy, I’m telling ya; our patients have been touched by an emotional side of dentistry that they have NEVER thought about! We have broken through fear, apprehension, nervousness, tears, anger, etc; and immediately have created trust and value.  As we have said to our patients “Welcome to our Family!” They are excited about being here and emotionally ready to begin treatment. Because we’ve had a slew of new patients recently, we have great opportunities this week with planning appointments. As you’ll noticed in our last cycle, we had few NP; therefore, our planning appointments were slim.  So, we’re going to work very hard in getting prepayments on large cases this week; we’re looking forward in sharing that with you. We’re heading in positive direction with collecting at the window on the date of service.  I’ve been focusing on the positive: “no statements with a silly small balance amount”; or “Our patients LOVE our discounts!” said with a smile, of course. And really, I haven’t had much resistance.  It’s kind of a “way of life” around here.  We’re all looking forward in talking with you especially since our EOC will be tomorrow.”

Dr. Jack Bodie’s office, Richardson, TX

Team Robertson Earned $3,500 Each In ‘FUN’ Money!

22 Apr

“Pam, Shannon and Kathy from Dr. Daryl Robertson’s office of Borger, TX earned $3,500 EACH in ‘fun money’ over the last two cycles.”

“Team Grier Couldn’t Be Happier!”

20 Apr

Dr. Michael R. Grier and Team of Grandview, TX produced $138,000 for the month of March and just collected $25,000 on a PRS!!!!

“Congrats Team Sergie!!”

16 Apr

“Today we received our our biggest prepay ever, $9,101.00.  The practice is 7 months and 1 day old today!!! Great job to Hayley and Kelyn who make our patients feel so welcome like family!”

Dr. Aly Sergie & Team
Dallas, TX

“Our Record Month-March 2010!”

15 Apr

“Everything is going good.  We had a record month in March,$119,000 produced and $119,000 also collected, 1st time in a very long time.  We have gotten better with our pre payments.”

Dr. Jeffery Miller & Team, San Antonio, TX

Welcome New Brady Members!

10 Apr

Welcome Dr. Jared Waite and Team from Colorado Springs, CO, newest members of the Brady Group  coaching program.  Glad to have you onboard, the best is yet to come!

Big News From Freeman Camp

9 Apr

Dr. Michael Freeman & Team from The Woodlands, TX had their Best Month Ever In February 2010–$196,000!