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Team O’Brien Has Best Month Ever!

23 Aug

“We seem to have made it through the hectic summer schedule and are settled in to a very nice August.  Last cycle was also our best bonus ever-$3,100 total AEI.  For August so far we’ve done $67K in production and 61K in collection and have an awesome week scheduled next week.  This should be our best month ever.  With 7 days left in the month we are flirting with our first $100K/month, so we’re pumped.  Yesterday we did $12K+ in both production and collection.  I think that was our best day ever!  We celebrated with spur of the moment Sobe drinks we got from across the street at the C-store.   We still have lots to improve on but it seems like smart scheduling and diagnosing through good questions seems to carry us.  We’re battling best we can–saving the world one onlay at a time.”

Kelly O’Brien, DDS
Salt Lake City, UT

Team Robison Get A Suprise!!!

20 Aug

“The girls have not been told yet.  I will tell them today and they will see on their checks the bonus of $659 each.”

Dr. Gary Robison
Mesa, AZ

Team Allen Rocks The Bonus!!

3 Aug

“I can’t believe I forgot to tell you the good news.  We earned and extra $1,429!!!”

Dr. Robert Allen’s office
Arlington, TX

All’s Good at Anna Dental!

2 Aug

“Things are good!  Did a 22K case today and scheduled another 12K case.  Good exhausting day.”

Jeffery Ludlow, DDS
Anna, TX