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Team Dickson Enjoying Fun Money!

28 Jul

“Fun money for the girls has been as follows:

May $500 each,
June $1,150 each,
July so far projected to be $1,000 each

Pretty good since in this quarter the girls have gotten a total of $2,650 each in fun money.  A nice change for

them from the last year of very little fun money. I am very proud of them and excited for the rest of the year.

Oh yea, the $113K collections last month….Best Month Ever!!  Thanks for all you do.”

Darren Dickson & Team
Plano, TX

Team Mosby Exceeds Goal!!

28 Jul

“I just wanted to let you know that our Accounts Receivable is negative $103,063!!!!!!!!    Have a great day!”

Scott Mosby & Team
Kingwood, TX

“Team Hennington Pumped About Success”

26 Jul

“Here are the highlights of our first six months:
·  Collections up 25% compared to first six months of 2009
·  Full time team members earned $7,426 in bonuses
·  We hit our production/collection goal set by team for first six months. Reward is one extra week off at Christmas, so we will be taking two weeks off over the holidays instead of one.
· Our new website just recently went live, along with our blog and Facebook page

Our team is pumped about our success, but we realize there are things we still need to work on to keep the momentum going. We are going to be role playing more to work on our handoffs, new patient experience, interviews, financial presentations, etc. I think the ATV will be great for us, and am looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring. Thanks for all your help, and I look forward to seeing you in Dallas in a couple of weeks. Have a great weekend!”

David Hennington & Team

Georgetown, TX

“Team Augustine Has Best Month Yet.”

21 Jul

“Amy, wanted to catch you up with the office. We have been doing more planning appointments than ever and guess what, we just finished out our best month yet. Taking the next 10 days off and going to Paris with Mehta and Peterson. Looking forward to what the next cycle holds. Having some staff issues that I’d like your help in resolving but I don’t see any major changes being made in the near future. Finally think I have everyone on board with big picture dentistry and proper productive scheduling. Hope all is well.  I’ll get in touch with you after the trip.”

Michael Augustine, DDS
Austin, TX

Team Warwick Has That Loving Feeling!

21 Jul

Happy Birthday and congrats to Dr. Robert Warwick of League City, TX! Team Warwick expressed their appreciation for their doctor at our Roundtable Extravaganza last week by wearing “I LOVE MY DENTIST” t-shirts with his picture on front – now that’s team loyalty at it’s finest. We love it, thanks for the memory Team Warwick.

Team Nemec 3rd Place Winners In Team Competition!

21 Jul

3rd Place Winners of Team Competition at the Roundtable Extravaganza were

Dr. Benjamin Nemec & Team, Austin, TX.

Way to go Team Nemec, great job!

Team Zimmermann Take 1st Place!

21 Jul

Only together a mere six weeks, Dr. Erich Zimmermann and Amy of Lakewood, CO, win 1st place in Team Competition at the Roundtable Extravaganza last week. That’s one of the record books. Watch out Brady members, these two are fierce competitors.

Congrats Team Zimmermann!

“Exciting To See Hard Work Pay Off.”

21 Jul

“Hi Amy…June was a good month for collections.  I had extra time the week before we left the office for 7 days to work the outstanding insurance and outstanding accounts.  We also have signed up for TSI, a company who helps us remind patients that their accounts are coming past due or are past due. (of course it is our goal to have patients pre pay)  I am excited to say that when we left for vacation on June 17th our accounts receivable was $48751.00 & we had collected 35,778.00.  By then end of June our collections were 84,053.23 & the accounts receivable was down to 11,617.66!  It was exciting to see hard work pay off.”

Jefri Lyn
Dr. Todd S. Larsen, DMD
Roosevelt, UT

Team Robison Take 2nd Place!

21 Jul

2nd Place Winners of Team Competition at the Roundtable Extravaganza were Dr. Gary Robison & Team, Mesa, AZ. Congrats and thanks for making it so much fun, keep up the team spirit.

Dr. Venssa Knight Passes AACD Exam!

20 Jul

“Got the news this morning in the mail that Venssa passed her AACD written exam, and can now move forward with her clinical cases!!!… Yeeeee haw!!!!! Well, will close for now… Hope you and yours are doing well… Talk with you soon.”

Michael Knight, DDS
Park City, UT