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“Being proactive versus reactive means to control a situation rather than letting it control you.”

15 May

Being proactive versus reactive means to control a situation rather than letting it control you.”

Today’s Challenge: Which do you think your patients would really prefer if given the choice to be proactive vs. reactive? Ask this question of your emergency patients this week – “If we were able to prevent this from happening with the rest of your teeth, would you like to?”

Treat the PATIENT, not the disease!

13 May

 Dear Amy,


Remember the patient that I had such  difficulty in dislodging the impression and which caused her enormous anxiety. It also raised my stress level to almost breaking point.

Well today I fitted the final crown with no difficulty. The patient was completely relaxed.

How did I do it? Well thanks to you, before I walked into the room I repeated the mantra

“Treat the person, not the disease” over and over and over again.

Then I walked into the room with a big smile, completely relaxed. I set the patient up in chair  and reviewed all the experiences that she had  gone through with me including the time that I had dislodged the upper splint. I spend time explaining to benefit of having been able to re-cement the upper splint. I also reassured her that the way going  forward should be  trouble-free. I also explained the  technical glitch that that had caused this problem and she remained relaxed. I really showed empathy.

I had to do a little bit of occlusal adjustment and was then able to cement the  crown and get the bite comfortable. She was happy.

She walked to the front.  Jeanine presented her with the bill which high and she paid without batting an eyelid.

What a relief!

This is a patient that I see often in synagogue and I am  confident that I be able to have a good relationship with her  going forward.

Thanks again to you.


Look forward to speaking to you tomorrow at 3 PM South African time.




1 May
Dr. Brady’s ‘Mission Possible’ Seminar was mind-blowing, to say the least!  I feel excited and energized by what I have seen and heard from Dr. Brady and other offices that are having major success with his principles. 

Our dental team is ready to change.  We know it’s going to be tough, but just knowing what those changes will bring (less stress and more success), we are ready to dive in!

I love how Chris and Amy are so supportive.  I can tell you really care about us.  You know what is possible for us and I feel as if you are excited to get us there!  Thank you!

Barb – Front Desk Goddess

Dr. Jeffrey Roth

Hailey, Idaho


If you missed Mission Possible in Vegas last week, no worries! We will be in Houston for the next Mission Possible August 13-15th.  Email Amy for details!