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Welcome Brady Members! This is for you.

14 Sep

Many of you have been emailing your success stories to us via your personal coach, thank you so much for sharing your good news. Words cannot express how much it means to me when you experience a breakthrough or have a victory. That’s what our coaching program is all about. Helping you get what you want from your practice. Anyway, last week I realized that Brady members could use a special members only blog that would not only make it easier to share with us but also with one another. We invite you to begin posting your success stories and any news you want to share with our Brady Group family, it might be a birth or wedding announcement, or maybe you rocked on bonuses, or got a huge pre-pay!  Whatever you’d like to share…this is your space. I encourage you visit this blog as often as you’d like or at least once a week. Feel free to share experiences and help each other.  Ok, who’s first?

Chris Brady