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Team Waite Bonus!

31 Aug

Dr. Jared Waite’s team of Colorado Springs, CO earned $1,100 each in additional earned income last cycle!”

Way to go Team Omecinski!

25 Aug

“Marcella worked with a patient and her husband securing our highest prepayment yet. $20,000 using care credit and $7,000 in form of a check. That payment with production from some bigger cases led to a $1,000 bonus for each of the girls in July.”

Dr. James Omecinski
Victoria, TX

Congrats to Proud Grandpa, Dr. Kurt Williams!

12 Aug

“Today is an Awesome Day. My grandson, Tatum Allen Williams was born. 19 1/2 inches tall, 7 lbs, 1 oz of perfect. Amazing how something so small can command everyone’s attention and stir up such strong emotions.” -Kurt Williams, DDS, Ellsworth, KS

AJ is a glowing example that “Attitude is everything!!”

4 Aug

AJ is turning into a Brady Machine.  Her dialogue is getting better and better with each passing  planning appointment.  Her comforting tone, confidence, and how she speaks to the patients is completely putting them at ease.   She has discovered that she feels more comfortable presenting in the operatory (she said it feels to her like she is more in her element), and ever since she started doing it this way, she is nearly batting a 1,000!!

We were having an off cycle in July, so toward the end of the cycle AJ and I refocused our efforts at having her practice Planning Appointments….the very next day we had 2 planning appointments, both scheduled, and both pre-paid for a total of more than 14K in treatment   Then on the 28th , the last day of the cycle,, another planning appointment, and another perfect score from AJ!!  This patient was a full time student, hadn’t been to the dentist in 4 years, is about to graduate to become a teacher, so we both thought no way he would accept ideal treatment.  AJ presented without inhibition or hesitance.  She focused on the benefits and the end result…..low and behold, he valued what we were offering, and said to AJ “Since I am going to be a teacher, I would  rather not have to worry about my teeth for a really long time”!!  Yet another $6,800 prepay to finish off the cycle!!

WAY TO GO AJ!  AJ is a glowing example that “Attitude is everything!!”

GO Team Dickson!”

Dr. Darren Dickson, Plano, TX

“We have bonused now 4 cycles in a row.”

4 Aug

“Things are well here in Boise.  We just finished another good week.  Last month we hit BAM again.  We have bonused now 4 cycles in a row.  We have taken more time off and producing better than 1 year ago when we worked crazy.  The office is working well together as a team and they don’t want to hire anyone else.  Everyone is helping each other out.  It’s a joy to come to work.  Thank you for your help.”

Dr. Alan Walker
Boise, ID

P.S.  Our weekly staff meetings are more productive and everyone is giving valuable input and wanting to make this a better place to work.

More WINNING News from our email bag…

2 Aug

“We had a prepay of $7,600.00 IN CASH and a $26,000.00 case acceptance.” -Randy Robertson, DDS, Elgin, TX

Rich & Happy Dentist eZine

1 Aug

“Yes, we can do that. Would you like to?”

As you are going through changes and improving your communication with your patients, it’s typical to focus on what you no longer can do with your patients (ie: can’t file insurance, can’t finance patients, can’t accommodate patients’ schedules, etc.) The truth of the matter is you can do a lot for your patients. If you can focus on what’s in it for your patient through benefit statements, the transition will be a lot easier. Here are some examples:

  • When you are trying to schedule according to patient reservation system and the patient says they cannot come in at the suggested time, your response could be… ‘We would love to schedule you at 4:00 Mrs. Smith. However, other patients have found that by setting time aside especially for this type of dentistry that there are no interruptions and we can take care of you in an efficient manner. Would you like Monday or Wednesday at 8 am?’
  • When it comes to money, let’s say the patient asks you if they can make payments… ‘Absolutely Mrs. Smith. What kind of arrangement did you have in mind?’ (patient responds) ‘I’m sure we can do that. We have a great service company that has set up a plan especially for our patients that makes the type of dentistry you are wanting very affordable. We can call them right now’.
  • Then there is the big insurance question. Patients ask ‘Do you take my insurance’. Your response could be something like this: ‘Mrs. Smith, we work with a lot of different insurance companies. We will do everything we can to be sure that you receive whatever reimbursement is due. We are set up to where the insurance payment goes directly to you. At that time, you can decide what to do with the money.’

Try it this week!
Focus on what you can do for your patients through benefit statements.

“Team Williams is still smokin’!”

1 Aug

“Chris and Amy:  I am sure you all know that Kansas has been locked in this horrible stretch of 100 degrees plus for over 40 days.  I just read an article about how people are staying away from their appointments due to the weather.  With that in mind, we just finished our second highest month of the year in July.  No gigantic cases, but we focused instead on reaching our goal each day.  So, even though the great downtown fire of Ellsworth, KS was put out in June, inside Central Kansas Dentistry team Williams is still smokin’!”

Kurt A Williams, DDS
Ellsworth, KS

Team Waite each earned $1,500 bonus!

1 Aug

“We have made AEI (additional earned income) 5 months in a row now!  This last Cycle we each earned $1,500 each!  We are pretty excited about it!

Jessica @ Dr. Jared Waite’s office, Colorado Springs, CO