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Eureka! Team Williams at it again!

12 Mar

Amy and Chris:
Wow, has it been a long time since I could say something like this; Eureka, Team Williams is back on the map!  Today, we collected $32,885!  Definitely, the high water mark for 2013.  Now, we can focus on making each of the days left in the cycle perfect.  Sure feels nice to have our hard work rewarded!
Kurt Williams
Ellsworth, America

Team Carpenter Listens to their Patients – the result is a win-win!

5 Mar

This is a 63 year old male, who has been wanting to get his teeth fixed
since he was in second grade.  I am going to ask him to write a
Jackie ( Dr. Dave Carpenter, Beaumont, TX)Image


Dr’s. Paul Cox and Kirk Bond and Team have figured out the secret!

4 Mar

Hello Amy.
We had our weekly meeting at lunch today and discussed the “secrets of our success”.
Everyone contributed a reason that she/he feels helps make the office run smoothly.  Here are the answers:
·         We take lots of photos!
·         We know what the Dr.’s  expectations are of us.
·         We live our vision from the heart.
·         We give our patients genuine care and they feel appreciated.
·         We ask lots of questions so each patient gets what he/she  wants.
·         We work as a team.
 Thanks for a great meeting last week.