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New Chapter For Team Cardon!

31 May

Our change in hygienists has been a big hit with my team and we’re looking to finish this cycle tomorrow with a bonus in the $500-$700/person range–the first sizable one since last summer! – Paul Cardon

Thank you to our members for always having such a positive contribution at the meetings!

15 May

Hey Amy, just wanted to thank you for a great meeting last week.  It always amazes me at what I have forgotten, and the new things I learn when we go to the meetings. 

PamDr. Daryl Robertson’s office

Borger, TX

Congrats to Team Nemec!

10 May

Chris and Amy,

Just wanted to check in and relay some exciting news.  We just completed two consecutive record cycles!  I intended to email you about the success we had in cycle 3 but I never found time to write you and let you know.  Now that I have cut back to 2-3 days a week, I’m too busy when I’m actually at the office (in a very good productive way) to make time to get on the computer.  However, after we just completed our weekly meeting over lunch where we discussed the monitors and the records we have achieved as a team, I told myself I have to make time at the end of my day to get in touch with you both and express how great things are going as well as how thankful I am to the Brady Way.  Because without your systems, and the hard work we have put in to make those systems the foundation for our practice, we never could have gotten where we currently are today nor continue to set records after 5+ years of continual improvement and growth, both personally and professionally.

So now to the wonderful news.  We did $209,611 in collections in cycle 4, which was actually down a little from $213,718 in cycle 3.  Production was a record $182,937 in cycle 3, but that mark didn’t last long because we hit $192,250 in cycle 4.  Our accounts receivable is now $67,000+ in the black.  I love owing patients dentistry instead having patients owing ME money!  Each team member received a record bonus check as well.

But the great news isn’t done.  We have already done $74,702 in just the first four days of cycle 5.  And we have $100,177 already on the books for the remaining 11 days with quite a few boulder spots still available to achieve new heights! 

Once again, this is a testament to my team and to the work we continue to put in on a daily basis to improve and grow our skills in the Brady systems.  It also is a reflection of our focus on giving our patients what they want and treating them in a way that makes them raving fans and referral sources. 

Benjamin Nemec
The Hills Dental Spa
Austin, TX

Great Events for our Amazing Assistants and Front Desk Goddesses the last couple of weeks!

10 May

     Good morning, this is Karina. Just wanted to let you know how awesome the meeting was yesterday. All the information provided was very informative and was good to get feedback from the other offices. Thank you for your patience with me and I am super excited for all the great things that we will be doing. Tonia and I had a little photo session this morning and I have learned what photos we need to take on patients and how to download. Yesterday you mentioned how important photos where and we as a team will try to stay on top of that. I also reviewed our schedule this morning and made sure we blocked time for our planning appointments. In our morning huddle we looked at out schedule for next week and discussed potential patients to pull in for planning appointments. Sounds like as long as we stay in order with our systems success will follow.

And you thought it was just about dentistry…

2 May

We love to hear about success in your dental practices – but the real reward comes when we hear about the personal changes. Heather attended her first Mission Possible last week –

Hello, feeling so lucky to have been a part of Mission Possible.
I have a 18 year old daughter about to graduate with honors, a 16 1/2 year old son that has other interests (like riding dirt bikes) and a 13 year old son.
As soon as I GOT HOME, I began practicing the most important thing I heard…. listening. I feel like every since I started this job, I come home and ask the kids about their day, but never listen or give them a chance to finish talking before we are rushing to our next thing on the schedule. Thank you for teaching me to actually listen to them.

Chesaning Family Dental

It’s Raining Success in Ellsworth!

1 May

 From: Kurt Williams <>
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 21:38:00 -0500
To: Chris Brady <>, Office 2004 Test Drive User <>
Subject: April was showering money!

Chris and Amy:

I have great news to report!  Team Williams worked 14 days and finished the month at $133,000!  And, we gave back over $11,000 in refunds.  I’m not saying we have solved all of our issues, but maybe. . . just maybe, we are figuring it out.  Last month, we collected over 120,000, this month over 130.  Next stop 140, baby!

Spreading the good news.

Kurt A. Williams, D.D.S.
Ellsworth, America