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Team Felt Celebrates Win-Win with two huge prepayments!

18 Jul

Hi Amy,

We had a 17,000 prepay last week! It was really easy.  He had already decided that he needed to get the work done and was ready to go, plus we handled it correctly from the beginning. 
This afternoon our planning appointment turned into a 22,000 case and he scheduled and his wife is bringing a check for the entire amount tomorrow!!  Woo-hoo for
Dr. Felt and Beth who handled the planning appointment.  This patient had a lot of things going on,  glad he chose to go through with the work. 



Dr. Kanona Felt’s office

Carlsbad, New Mexico

CHALLENGE for today!

18 Jul

So, there he was – the Tinman – all rusted up. He could hardly move, he could barely make a sound. He seemed more than ready for the junk heap. Sell him for scrap metal!  But then what happened? Dorothy came along with an oil can! And – voila – the Tinman got a few shots of oil and he was as good as new. No, I think he became even better than new!
Just think about it. A few drops of oil – cost just a few cents of petroleum and took just a few minutes to apply. And, voila – it fixed something/someone with tremendous potential and value. In this case, Dorothy did a tune up on the Tinman!! It was simple and easy to do, and it had great value for the minimum amount of work required.
We just mustn’t forget that there are most likely people, situations, and physical THINGS all around us much of the time that can be improved, often quite easily. Often, a little bit of focus and concentration will improves things for us and/or for others. 
Today’s Challenge:
Are you making things too difficult? What are the simple things in the practice that you’re overlooking? Those that require minimal effort to ‘fix’?

A Story For You To Enjoy!

11 Jul

This is a testament to Becky’s  perseverance and willingness to get out of her comfort zone.  I can soooo relate! See, we begin by thinking ‘I could NEVER do that!’, then pretty soon it becomes a part of who we are – we can’t imagine operating any other way.  Way to go, Becky!!
From: Scott STEWART <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2013 15:28:11 -0600
To: Office 2004 Test Drive User <>

Hi, Amy!

Just thought I’d tell you a funny story…

Over the last few months when I’ve had patients calling to give me pre-payments they either act it like it’s a requirement to keep their appointment or they act like it’s the best offer since sliced bread to get a pre-payed savings!

In no way have I EVER given the impression that I’m the office Gestapo (pay by 5 pm or don’t bother coming)!   Also, I’m not perfect about offering pre-paid savings, by any small stretch of the imagination!

I just find it interesting that somehow my verb age has caused the patients to accept this as part of how our office operates and after just mentioning it once they’re calling me the day before the appointment, credit card in hand, rattling off their number almost faster than I can write it down!

It’s a fun sense of accomplishment! Is that vindictive?? May be I’ve just scared these people 1/2 to death??? Well…I’m going the Optimistic route & calling it an accomplishment since it’s a positive benefit for all parties involved!

I think the most important thing to get across about this is that many times you only have to say it once! Not only do those people pre-pay every time, then someone in the waiting room hears it & says “does that apply to me too?” or the patients you have told tell the friends they’re referring “Oh…be sure to ask about the cash discount they offer”!
Problem solved!! The patient’s are doing your job for you! SCORE!

Have a good day!!



What Scares You?

10 Jul

I’ve been thinking lately about courage and confidence and how these are two words which might seem, on the surface, to be closely related.  They actually have very different implications when it comes to the success of your practice.   Confidence is highly overrated.  Show me a confident person and in all likelihood you will also be showing me someone that falls short of originality or greatness — because originality and greatness come from the willingness to take risks.  To leap into the void.  To do what scares you.  And while it may seem that this leap would take confidence, what it really takes to leap is courage.  Which is a whole other kettle of fish.

Courage involves feeling your fear — and doing it anyway.  There isn’t a day I don’t sit down at my computer for video chats, or to write an article, or to teach a seminar that I’m not afraid.   Oh, this fear can disguise itself in any number of ways: it can look like resistance, or exhaustion, or distraction, or despair.  It can even look like online shopping or facebooking – ha! But what it is, really––bottom line––is the fear that I won’t be able to pull it off.  Whatever vision exists in my mind, whatever perfect iteration of an idea, will never be achieved.  So why bother?  Why even try?

I’ve been seeing a lot of you lately that are playing it safe.  Some of you are having a level of success that is extreme – no doubt a result of facing your fear and getting out of the zone of comfort.  Then others are content.  You’ve toe-dipped with the systems and chosen some things that are easy.  You’ve avoided the things that scare you.  Maybe it’s marketing your practice in the community. Or roleplaying. Or videotaping.  Or asking for pre-payment.  Or asking that one question to help a patient overcome their objection.  You may feel that the risk of getting uncomfortable or your fear supercedes any benefit you might gain by making yourself vulnerable.  So you stay in your safe, warm bubble. You might even divert the attention away from your fear and defend the old way of doing things.  The bottom line is that you’re Scared. To. Death.  Buckle your seatbelts, because during the month of July we’ll be focusing on ‘What comes after the low-hanging fruit?’  It’s our goal to challenge you in ways that you’ve never been challenged – to stretch the limits in a way that results in success that you’ve never seen before.

So – what scares you to death?  What have you resisted changing or implementing out of straight-up fear?



Team Hamilton Hits Their Best Cycle Ever!

10 Jul

From: Toni Hamilton Team <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2013 09:36:35 -0500
To:   <>
Subject: Re: #6 monitor

Hi Amy,
We are so happy and pleased with our last cycle. We have all been trying to look ahead at our patients, possibilities, and opportunities for each day. Basically, staying prepared for the things we can see coming ahead of us. We are all on the same page and eager to improve.
Thanks for everything,