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“Congratulations To Dr. Bodie!”

31 Mar

“Congratulations to Dr. Jack Bodie of Richardson, TX. We have determined that you have greatly improved your leadership and have taken your team to the next level.  You’ve also earned a spot in the Platinum Group.”

-Chris Brady

“Way To Go Dr. Dickson!”

31 Mar

“Congratulations to Dr. Darren Dickson of Plano, TX.  We have determined that you have greatly improved your leadership and have taken your team to the next level.  You’ve earned a spot in the Platinum Group.”

-Chris Brady

Team Robison On A Roll!

26 Mar

“Just wanted to report yesterday afternoon we had a patient that was scheduled for a cleaning and had broke a crown on #29 after we were done he showed interest in lumineers.  After I went over the fee of $10,000 I told him we could do that today and he did and PAID:)  On another patient that was scheduled for only one anterior filling decided to 5 other ant fillings.  Awesome day:)“


Dr. Gary Robison’s office, Mesa, AZ

P. S. And we just received a pre-payment of $23,560!

Acceptance Is GREAT This Week!

24 Mar

Dr. Robert Allen, Barbie, Tonia and Priscilla from Arlington, TX are having a great week – collected 23K in prepays in one day!  Acceptance has been great this week and they are having success with planning appointments.  To make it even better, they are all taking next week off!

Team Williams Host Invisalign Day.

14 Mar

“Today was our first ever Invisalign Day.  It was a great success.  We brought in $42,000, today.  In addition, we have three cases coming in tomorrow that couldn’t come, tonight and we will collect $12,500 more.  So, our first ever Invisalign day was a rousing success, 13 full cases and one half case!  Looks like I will be doing an annual Invisalign day from now on!  My total investment advertising the event was $2,300.  Not a bad ROI!”

Dr. Kurt Williams, Ellsworth, KS

“Exciting things happening 2010!”

14 Mar

“Just wanted to check in and update you on some exciting things that have happened so far this year:  The bonus for the first cycle of 2010 was $494 for each team member. The bonus for the second cycle was $946 for full time and $473 for part time team members. These are the highest bonus amounts we have had since joining the Brady Group!”

Dr. David Hennington, Georgetown, TX

“We Are Really Fired Up.”

2 Mar

“Well we just prepped 20 teeth on a wonderful patient and when he came back for his 24 hour follow up appointment he had already been told by no fewer than 6 people how great his teeth looked (and these are just the provisionals).  He is amazed that he has had no pain and how quickly he has adjusted to his new teeth.  And his check for $28,000 sure made a difference in our month as well since we will bonus for the first time in over a year. We are really fired up because we had forgotten that people WILL still spend money for things they want even in this tough economy if you just ask them….

Dr.’s Michael & Venssa Knight
Park City, Utah