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Are You Setting Your Doctor Up For Success?

26 May

Have you ever shopped at Neiman Marcus in Dallas?  They have the most beautifuScreen Shot 2015-05-26 at 11.18.37 AMlly wrapped packages of any department store I’ve ever seen.  See, my grandmother used to wrap packages the same way. She even took time to teach me.  No seams, no tape showing, NEVER use a store-bought bow.  You always make your own beautiful bow out of high quality ribbon.  The paper was high quality as well – not the thin, easily torn kind that you would find at a discount store.  Everything about the gift was perfect. 

You’ve heard us compare your handoff in the planning appointment to that of a beautifully wrapped gift – how perfect is the gift you hand your doctor?  Here are some things to think about…

  1. Personalize. Do your handoffs all sound the same? (Mrs. Jones wants to keep her teeth and prevent emergencies, but she only wants to do what insurance covers).  If  your handoff is something like this, you just threw your gift in a recycled bag and handed it to Doc.  There’s not much at all he can do with it.  Essentially, you are putting him/her in a position to talk.  Talk more than you’d like.  You don’t want that, do you?  Handoffs should be customized – different based on each unique patient.
  2. Get specific with their desired end results.  Maybe they want whiter teeth – do they want ‘permanent’ whitening?  How far back in their mouth do they want to go with their changes?  How do they want to go about replacing missing teeth?  What solutions have they thought about (based on end-results).  Basically, you want to be able to sketch out a plan for treatment to handoff to the doctor based on your conversation.
  3. Don’t shy away from objections.  In fact, ask for them! If a patient doesn’t have objections, they aren’t ready to commit.  Objections are actually a buying signal.  It means the patient wants your help. 
  4. Close, Close, Close.  – What is their timeframe?   If you aren’t sure whether or not you’ve closed well enough, ask for a scheduling commitment.  Objections will certainly come out at that point if they haven’t already.

We Thought You’d Like to See This!

21 May


We thought you’d like to see this! (Received $7000 prepayment). The story is: the Doctor went and got new tires, there he talked the owners wife into coming in. Over the course of time, the owner has come in and has decided to have full treatment. We had a planning meeting with him on April 14th and first scheduled appointment was today.

More successes to come! Thank you for all of your help.


Dr. Mat Mouritsen and Team

Day Well Spent!

21 May


I wanted to tell you that the meeting was great today! Thank you for all the work you put into it. Kris and I left with some great action points! It was a day well spent.

Dr. Steve Baumgart

Denver, CO

Great meeting!

21 May


Thank you for the great day today. The topic was a great one and as usual you presented it in a fun and entertaining way.  It was also jam packed with information – love that. And even in the way taught I liked how you took time to empathize with us as we try to implement these changes.
So great job.  Just thought you should know.
Dr. Shawn O’Berry
Denver, CO

It Really Works!

21 May

Hey Amy!

Just wanted to share some of our “whats going well” this week. We had one of our new patients come in today and prepay for all of his treatment. Kudos to Dr. Cox and our team. Planning appointments really work!


Cox and Bond Dental – Temple, TX

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 10.43.03 AM