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Mid-Year Check Up

4 Jun

It’s official – Summer is here.  Kids are getting out of school, we’re making vacation plans and working on our tan.  So let’s fast-forward to September – What do you want to have accomplished during the Summer months in the practice?  Is it typically a slower-paced time for you?  With the distractions is tough to stay focused on those important, but not urgent things.  During the month of June we’ll be focusing on ‘Preparation’ and ‘Sharpening the Saw’.


It seems like yesterday when you all were setting some fantastic goals for the New Year.  Well, we’re just about half way through 2013 – hopefully you’ve had the opportunity to pull our your goals and check some things off of the list.  If not, it’s not too late for a mid-course correction.


As you regroup for your midyear checkup, keep the following in mind…



What Successful Brady Practices Do…


1.    They are coachable and willing to change.  They realize that they cannot see themselves objectively and that everyone needs a coach.

2.    The team is cross-trained.

3.    They ‘look the part’.  The physical facility and the appearance of the doctor and team reflect the vision of the practice.

4.    If something needs to get done, decisions are made quickly and action is taken.  No time or energy is spent making excuses.

5.    They know how to diagnose.  The doctor and team members stay up to date clinically and attend CE on a regular basis.

6.    They do both the easy AND hard tasks requested by the Brady Group – they don’t try to ‘fix’ the systems proposed and don’t pick and choose what they are going to implement based on their comfort level.

7.    They don’t say, ‘That won’t work in our practice/town/with our patients’.

8.    They are fiercely committed to their success and the success of their patients and team.  This commitment is born out of respect for each other.

9.    They are always positive and do not complain.  They don’t blame their team, doctor, coach, patients, the economy, or anyone/thing else for their situation.

10.They understand that their practice is a direct reflection of themselves and accept responsibility for BOTH their failures and successes. 


Be on the look out for challenges this week that will help you to get back in the saddle and stay there as you succeed through the Summer to make it the best yet.