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If You Think Patients Don’t Want to Pay You, You’re Wrong!

31 Aug
At the very beginning of the July cycle we had a patient pre-pay for implant supported dentures (the long planning appointment email I sent you last month.) With a $25,000 Check, which set us up to collect more than $120,000 in our 14 day cycle.
Monday I was starting to get a little worried for our August cycle because we were a few days in and we were way below our collections goal. Monday afternoon we had a planning appointment that went a little long into Lunch she (what she called) “Robbed the Bank” moved her savings into checking and brought us a $26,600.00 Check. Tuesday Morning our Planning appt (delayed so the wife could attend) Yielded a $13000 check, and Tuesday afternoon our planning appointment decided that she was worth it and they could “wiggle their finances” and get the $20,000 implant supported dentures. She will be in on Tuesday to pre-pay for her appt on 8/21. Now, instead of being so worried about our collections track for the August Cycle I can breathe a little easier. In the space from Monday Morning to Tuesday at lunch our case acceptance sky rocketed and we’re ahead of our goal for how far we are into the cycle. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of checks or recorded planning appts for you (we’re working on being better recorders, but old habits die hard.)
Tuesday I’ll have to send you a copy of our August monitors so you can be as excited as we are.
Kanona W. Felt, D.D.S,