Archive | March, 2011

“Weird how this just works!”

9 Mar

“We have had a $15,700 case and a $12,000 case, paid for, and started in the past two weeks……  The $15,700 case is the completion of mandibular full arch restoration.  We completed her maxillary arch 6 yrs ago, but asked her if she wanted to proceed with the lower.  Well, she did!  She put  half of it on Springstone financing and paid balance on credit card.  The $12,000 case came in just to recement a crown that supported a lower old, old partial.  After we  asked the correct future focused questions and told her what she could have done, she decided on a full arch mandibular hybrid on 4 implants.  Weird how this just works!!!!”

Dr. Ron Evans,
Rockwall, TX


“Another Awesome Pre-pay”

2 Mar

“We got another awesome prepay this morning. I received a prepayment of $14,000 for veneers for one of our longtime WONDERFUL patients. We are so excited for her!”

Alana @ Dr. David Hennington’s office
Georgetown, TX

Team Hennington On A Roll!

1 Mar

“Hey Amy, Dr. Hennington wanted me to send you a note about a fun prepay we received last week! We have been working some time with a patient who has just completed his ortho and he has scheduled to have veneers #22-27. We received prepayment over $9,500! Love It!”

Alana @ Dr. David Hennington’s office
Georgetown, TX