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“5 members on my team received $12,649.00 in AEI this year!”

16 Dec
“Chris and Amy:  I am proud to announce that each of the 5 members on my team received $12,649 in AEI this year!  Next year, I have already decided that they will shoot for 20,000 in AEI.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”Kurt Williams, DDS
Central Kansas Dentistry, PA

“Showed him the check and we saw THE HAPPY DANCE!!!”

15 Dec

Well, Amy, we finally saw Doc’s happy dance!!!

This week one of our patient’s came in to make a prepayment for treatment for him and his wife. The total prepayment for both was $44,908.75 and he wrote me a check. Let me tell you it’s a little tough to keep your game face on when you get handed a check that size.

As soon as our patient’s left (it was the end of the day) I took the check to Dr. Hennington and asked him, “What is it going to take for us to ever see your happy dance?”  He told me that it would have to be totally spontaneous, if it ever happened. I then showed him the check and we saw THE HAPPY DANCE!!! What a great way to wind up our year. This is the biggest check we’ve ever received, not to mention a prepayment check, and they haven’t even scheduled their treatment yet!

Thanks so much for all you do to help us be the best we can be. We look forward to overcoming some of our recent challenges and moving to an even higher level in the coming year!

Alana @ Dr David Hennigton’s office
Georgetown, TX


Congrats, unstoppable Team Walker!

13 Dec

Dr. Alan Walker and team, Boise, ID, has already exceed Go Point – it’s only day 7 of their cycle! Everything they produce and collect for the next 8 days will be above their Go Point – they are projected to have their best cycle ever.  Even better, January is shaping up to be the same!”

Congrats again, Team Cardon!

1 Dec

“Today was the last in our current cycle and the team will each enjoy a bonus of $767.00, up about 50% from the previous cycle and maybe double the bonus from two cycles ago. We’re still not booked out more than a day or two for boulder appts., but they’re finding cases to keep me productive and Debbie’s collecting up front more and more frequently.  It’s a much stronger trend than we had this time last year. Wish we could be in Vegas this week, but we’re planning to attend in April next year. Hope you have a trouble-free trip there and enjoy the weather!”

Paul Cardon, DDS
Jefferson City, MO


“All I can say is WOW!”

1 Dec

Chris and Amy:  You know, I haven’t had much to say for a while.  In fact, it seems like we have been struggling quite a bit.  Today was our last day in our cycle-borrowing one from November for the December cycle.  Starting today, we were at 77K for the month.  Malinda had made an appointment to finalize the financial arrangements for a plan we had prior to the Thanksgiving break.  Also, at the end of the day, we had what we felt was going to be a “good” plan coming in.  Malinda texted me at 6:11 p.m.  This is what it said, “Lissa just left. . .had a bit of a happy meltdown so we talked and she’s excited.  We had a $31,492 day, bringing the month total to about $108,000.”

All I can say is WOW!  I guess that goes to show, as long as you are doing things the right way, you should never give up hope!

Kurt Williams, DDS
Central Kansas Dentistry, PA
Ellsworth, America

“$14,000 Pre-payment!”

1 Dec

“Hope you are having fun in Vegas, wish we could have been there 🙂  I just wanted to let you know I collected a pre-payment of $14,000!!!!!”
Char @ Dr. Gary Robison’s office, Mesa, AZ