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“A Sincere Thank You.”

25 Nov

“Chris, I just want to say that when I thought about what I was thankful for, what kept popping into my mind was, “I am thankful for Chris Brady.” Since that YGI/Inner Circle meeting in October, I have been reenergized to get my team focused and consequently I have enjoyed quite a bit more breathing room.  Of course I have quite a large list of things I am thankful for, but I have been able to really enjoy my time off knowing that my bills are paid and that the last two days of this cycle are gravy–as it should be.  Thank you, Chris!

Kurt Williams, D.D.S., Ellsworth, KS

“Took 12 Weeks Vacation This Year!”

17 Nov

“Amy, Thanks for the note. We are doing really well. Mike has gotten  busier and our team  has really  stepped up. I took twelve weeks of vacation this year and made almost the same amount as last year (seven weeks off).  This was my goal when I first joined the group, more time off, not money.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you,  Dr. Chris and everyone else have done to help me make this possible.”

Steven Baumgart, DDS, Denver, CO

From our Email bag…

15 Nov

“Chris, another great Doctors’ meeting.  I think I have said it before, but I don’t know of another platform in which the doctor’s are so willing to share their every-day struggles with one another.  I always come away feeling refreshed and, more importantly, with new ideas to help me help my patients choose the dentistry that they really would like to have.  Can’t wait for Vegas, now!  I am really looking forward to my team getting re”focused” and re”centered” on our mission!  Thanks again, my friend.”

Kurt Williams, Ellsworth, KS

Team Thomas Rocks!

15 Nov

Way to go Dr. Brent Thomas & Team of Vicksburg, MS, they did a fantastic job this past cycle – all full-time team members earned $868 in fun money!

Team Miner in the FUN Money!

15 Nov

Just to update you on the news and events that are Team Miner of San Antonio, TX. First and foremost; today is fun money day!!!  Final tally from our October cycle.  Each team member grosses $ 2,403.77.  Wow!!!  Thanks team and thanks Team Brady!

Congrats Team Zobell!

15 Nov

Dr. Dwayne Zobell, Susie and Susan of Cheyenne, WY have done a fantastic job this last cycle!  They have been without an assistant, but came together and actually had their best month ever!!!  Dr. Zobell said that there wasn’t really a change in the number of patients coming through but that Susie and Susan did a fantastic job of making sure that photos and planning appointments happened.  As a result, they each earned $803 in fun money!

Team Uremovich & O’Berry Get Fun Money!

9 Nov


Way To Go shout out to Team Uremovich & O’Berry of Arvada, CO.  They bonused $799.84 each this cycle.