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What Happens When You Listen?

26 Feb

Here’s an email received this week by our personal coach, Amy.


We have a patient that has been a patient for many years and we have helped her with several things.  She came to us last fall with a broken tooth but didn’t want to commit to treatment because of some financial issues.  So Dr. Bodie helped her out by putting a very nice temporary on it until she could finalize her monies.
Well she called last week and wanted to “find out her options” again because things were available to go forward!  I scheduled her for that afternoon and she was excited.  We all said before she arrived that our only question was going to be, “So how do you want to fix this tooth?”  And her reply was, “I know my bite is causing this and I want to fix it so that I don’t have to keep coming back one tooth at a time.”  So Dr. Bodie said that he could take care of that for her.  His next question back to her was “When do you want to get started?”  She asked how much the total cost was going to be and Dr. Bodie quoted her the fee.  She said “I want to start today.”  He brought her to me but explained she didn’t bring her checkbook with her.  I gave her a stamped envelope and she mailed us two checks.  One for $11,000 and one for $6000.  Her appointment is scheduled for next week and we are excited to give her the smile she has waited for!
It has also been a great week!  I was able to schedule three more boulders, all prepaying either with a credit card or financing!  Dr. Bodie is walking around with a smile from ear to ear.  Nina and I are so grateful for the training we have had from you and Dr. Brady to be able to communicate to our patients so that we can give them what they want!
Dr. Jack Bodie’s office