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Wonder what you missed at the Roundtable Extravaganza?

21 Jul
The meeting was a joyous time with my staff and with the brady group.  I always enjoy being together with you all.  This meeting very informative and I wish I was able to make more of them, and that may change in the future.  Tell all that this was a definite treat.   Dr Cole was phenomenal..   Some of the things the speakers were talking about I have already implemented.  but some I will be contacting for further assistance.
Thanks to all.
daryl Robertson dds
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Wisdom from Golf, and Great Grandmother Anne

19 Jul

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 7.43.48 PMEverywhere I’ve been this weekend, tv’s have been tuned in to the British Open.  The hubby hasn’t talked about much else, and I even heard rumblings in the hallways at church yesterday.  All of the hoopla has me thinking about a very special lady in my life.   

I had the wonderful gift of knowing my Great Grandmother Anne in to my early adult years. She was pretty remarkable, choosing not to conform to the stereotypical female role of a woman born in 1894. As the eldest of 8 grandchildren on my mothers’ side, I recall spending many Summers and extended Winter vacations in Kansas with family. My grandmother took me to Anne’s house to visit often.  

As a child, Anne’s home at 401 E. Park seemed like a mansion. I almost always became winded walking up the wooden steps flanked with purple iris. The enormous, wooden-planked, wrap-around porch seemed to go on forever. The front door was lead glass, with full-length mirrors on either side.  Not sure of the purpose of the mirrors, but I loved seeing my reflection before walking in to Anne’s entry-way.  Just on the other side of the door was a desk that held a black rotary-dial phone that was operational until she left us in 1992.  On the other side of the desk was the first of 4 flights of stairs. As I conquered the first flight, I would come to a landing that housed a plush velvet fainting couch. Oh how I loved playing on the stairs and that couch.

Now that I’ve painted the picture, I’ll tell you why I’ve chosen to share my Grandmother Anne with you.  If you’ve paid attention and can do simple math, you’ve figured out that she lived on this earth for 98 years. That’s lots of opportunity to influence others- Anne left such a mark on my heart that still encourages me 23 years after her death.

I mentioned that she was not your stereotypical young woman of the early 20th century. While she could certainly cook, sew, garden and do all of the things you would expect a female of that era to be capable of, Anne was a bit unique. If anyone told her there was something she couldn’t or shouldn’t do, she would work to prove them wrong. She was not afraid to make a mistake, and didn’t give a hoot what others thought. Now don’t get me wrong, Great Grandmother Anne was a woman of character and integrity. She was a leader that others in the community respected, and she was very strong in her faith.

One of the things that made Anne unique in her day and age was her love of golf- she enjoyed watching the likes of Ben Hogan and others on the pro tour, but more than watching, Anne loved playing the game. She would often get her 3 children situated at home and then head to the course. As she approached her 80’s, she always aimed to shoot her age- and most of the time she did just that. In fact, she played a round on her 97th birthday.  

This week I’ll be sharing wisdom from my Grandmother Anne. My hope is that you’ll feel at least a bit of the inspiration and influence that I have – stay tuned!