Nina, compassionate and caring assistant!

27 Jan

“Good Afternoon! Just a note about something that happened this week at the office. We had a patient call over the Christmas break with “tooth pain”.  Dr. Bodie and Sherrill came to the office to see her but Dr. was unable to do anything due to her HIGH dental anxiety. Not even put the mirror in her mouth!  He suggested that she come back during regular office hours to be sedated and that would allow full records to be taken and she and her husband could decide how to move forward.  She agreed and scheduled the next appointment.  Well Nina greeted her in the waiting room and escorted her back talking very calmly and just making small talk.  Once she got her seated, meds in and comfortable Nina never left her side.  The appointment went very smoothly and the patient was able to go home and make a decision about treatment from what Dr. Bodie discussed with her husband.  She then scheduled $4,000 worth of treatment under sedation again.  When she arrived she was happy that Nina was going to be with her thru the appointment again.  The patient went home again very comfortable and happy!  She came in this week for some follow up treatment and Nina talked her thru it without sedation!  The patient was so excited that she made it thru without having to be sedated that she cried.  Just Nina’s constant support and compassion helped her overcome the anxiety that she had and now she feels good about coming to the office.  The patient walked in with flowers for Nina yesterday and was beaming from ear to ear to thank Nina.  We are so proud of Nina and what she brings to our office as a compassionate and caring assistant!”

Jody @ Dr. Jack Bodie’s office
Plano, TX

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