I have to brag on my team…

3 Dec

So my front desk and trainee are both in Vegas for Mission Possible. Have to brag on my team a little. Melissa saw an extremely apprehensive dental patient from out of town today.  I actually met her in the airport on the way to a Brady meeting last Summer.  Since I knew her, I did a short new patient interview and set up the photos.  Then Melissa took the photos and was prepared to set up the planning appointment, but after Melissa resolved the anxiety concern by suggesting a very small pill, the patient was ready to commit.  We also used the anxiety concern to suggest a couple of well-planned appointments to get it all done at once.

We stayed on the emotional aspect of helping her through her anxiety, and let her know that she would be completely in charge the whole time. When I knew the patient owned it, I quoted the fee, paused for her response, addressed her concern with a comfortable financial arrangement, and asked Melissa to schedule her for my next available morning when I would be fresh and uninterrupted.

Then, here’s the kicker -Melissa, the RDH, got her approved for financing, helped with consent forms, printed the RX and scheduled the appointment. Hooray for all-team cross-training! We all worked to cover the front desk today. Mindy set up the phone to take messages and called people back when she was not with patients.  It was a great day for cross training!


Had a great tim…

10 Dec

Had a great time at the Vegas seminar! New ideas. New doctors. Some of you ask if we accept specialists as BG members. The answer is . . . only if they need to improve their leadership, team ownership, case acceptance, communication, etc.