Team Williams Sets New Record for 2015!

25 Jan


As we spoke this morning, Team Williams set a new record for AEI (bonus) in 2015! Each full-time member earned $17,418.94 in addition to their salaries. This year blew away 2014’s AEI as 2014 yielded only $4,065.81. Amazing what you can do with a small, motivated and highly talented team!

The total practice revenue for 2015 went up 6.8% over 2014. Looking forward to an even more awesome 2016!


25 Jan



Within 10 minutes of our skype today, we put this check into our collection envelope!!!!!!!! We wanted to share the good news with you and The Brady Group.

In addition, 8 days into our January cycle we have collected $96000!
Kanona W. Felt, D.D.S,
114 E. Riverside Dr.
Carlsbad, NM 88220
(575) 885-0350

Bonus Checks in Colorado!

18 Jan

Joann and Frances, team members for Dr. Todd Shainholtz in Eagle, CO, celebrated the end of 2015 with bonus checks!  They are focusing on what the patients really want, listening to them, and helping them!  Earning additional income is a win-win.


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 12.38.26 PM

Way to go Team Walker!!

8 Jan

Dr. Alan Walker and his awesome team from Boise, Idaho, know how to make it easy for patients to have long-term, ideal dentistry in their office.  By communicating effectively and giving patients an incentive, they can pay for their treatment when they schedule!  The appointment is secured, and the patient doesn’t have to worry about the financial aspect of the treatment when they arrive for their appointment.  Nice job!



Investing time working “on” your practice is vital to growth.

22 Dec

It’s a well-known axiom in business that when the leader works “on” the business rather than “in” the business, that business is more successful. However, in a dental practice, where the basis for the value is the work performed by the dentist, it seems like this proviso does not apply.


But it does, you just have to modify your approach. Most dentists do not have formal business training.   They follow a model that has been passed down for a few modern generations; possibly incorporate a few innovations for running a practice more efficiently and then go about working in their practices. This establishes a ceiling for earning because it is tied to the time the owner/dentist can spend working. Over time, with so little time spent on developing the business of the practice, these dentists find their practices at risk. With reduced compensation from insurance companies and competition from well-organized corporate dentistry organizations, such a practice needs to change to be successful.


That is why it’s important to invest in you as the business owner.   Taking out a fraction of your time to learn better methods of operating the business side of your practice can make all the difference. For example, learning to focus on some key behaviors that make huge differences can be an excellent starting point.


To say that most dentists aren’t fond of selling and talking about money with the patient would be a gross understatement. Dentists never want to appear pushy or desperate or using any other ‘slick salesman-like’ technique.  They prefer others on the team to handle the selling and fee-quoting. But, what if you could learn how to present treatment and quote the fee with ease, no pressure, never pushy nor uncomfortable feelings and have amazing success because you, the dentist are the best one to do that?  It’s not hard.  In fact, it’s easier than they system you’re using right now.


It may not take a big time investment but being involved, as the leader in the business part of your practice will make you hands-on where it counts. With that minor change in attitude and attention, you can and will empower well-trained employees to be more successful. When you do that in the sales part of your practice, you begin to let your team build your future. And, you have only put a little bit of your time into working “on” your business.


Working with The Brady Group on concepts like this will help you be more hands-on with charting your financial independence.   We can help you with this and other important elements of managing your practice more successfully. If you are interested in learning more, call us today at  866-440-6704

Thanks for guiding us in the right direction!

15 Dec

Hi Amy,
This morning we had our weekly meeting and discussed our verbiage on case acceptance from start to finish (ending in prepayment).  To day we had two prepayments (they are scheduled in February) one for 4888.00 and the other for 5985.00!IMG_9008!

Thanks to you and DR Brady for guiding us in the right direction!!!

Dr. Steven G. Baumgart, DDS
7575 West 20th Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80214


Dr. Steve Baumgart and his fantastic team attended our ‘Mission Possible’ event two weeks ago – they came back with some great tools equipping them to succeed!


I have to brag on my team…

3 Dec

So my front desk and trainee are both in Vegas for Mission Possible. Have to brag on my team a little. Melissa saw an extremely apprehensive dental patient from out of town today.  I actually met her in the airport on the way to a Brady meeting last Summer.  Since I knew her, I did a short new patient interview and set up the photos.  Then Melissa took the photos and was prepared to set up the planning appointment, but after Melissa resolved the anxiety concern by suggesting a very small pill, the patient was ready to commit.  We also used the anxiety concern to suggest a couple of well-planned appointments to get it all done at once.

We stayed on the emotional aspect of helping her through her anxiety, and let her know that she would be completely in charge the whole time. When I knew the patient owned it, I quoted the fee, paused for her response, addressed her concern with a comfortable financial arrangement, and asked Melissa to schedule her for my next available morning when I would be fresh and uninterrupted.

Then, here’s the kicker -Melissa, the RDH, got her approved for financing, helped with consent forms, printed the RX and scheduled the appointment. Hooray for all-team cross-training! We all worked to cover the front desk today. Mindy set up the phone to take messages and called people back when she was not with patients.  It was a great day for cross training!

Team earns $1879 in bonus!

1 Dec


On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 1:02 PM, Alanna Gail <> wrote:


Hello! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

I just received an email from Xenia asking that I follow-up with some information on our most recent cycle. We were able to achieve our highest bonus since we started with Brady Group! (By the way, we LOVE that part of the program). I have attached the cycle monitor and in reviewing the information and thinking over this past cycle I think there are a couple of areas that have led to the results shows. First I think Pattie and Angela speak with our patients to discover what their true plans are for themselves and by doing so get the ball rolling in the patient’s mind that this is something they could do. Next, I think that Dr. Hennington continues to discuss patients’ goals in broader terms so that he is able to diagnose a more comprehensive plan but one the patient is engaged in. The last major area I think may have brought this success is consistently presenting payment options including outside lending. While many of our patients do not opt for this there have been a feScreen Shot 2015-11-04 at 12.48.44 PMw recently that outside lending tipped the scales to get them to go ahead with treatment.

Hope some of this is helpful. It seems we are doing the same things we try to consistently do and the results showed in this cycle. We’re still so close to our goal that I can taste it but I know we’re going to make it!


Tradewinds Dental (Dr. David Hennington)

Georgetown, TX


30 Nov

Hey Amy-

I know you are out all week spending time with your family, but I wanted to shoot you a quick email…Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.46.30 AM

Today is the starting day on our new cycle, it is also the last day we are in the office the week of Thanksgiving. We are leaving today very happy and thankful for our Bodie family. We were able to pull together today and kick off the new cycle with a $11,109.15 collection day! What a blessing! Thanks for all the encouragement.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jaylyn Sprinkel – Front office

Dr. Jack Bodie, Richardson, TX

‘You have been profoundly influential’

30 Nov


Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.10.37 AM



Dear Amy,

As our year comes to an end, I am reminded of the coaching that you gave us in planning for the year ahead. I also  recall that we should be reviewing our vision and also  setting  goals for 2016.

It hasn’t worked for me to set aside the first  hour  of a Monday morning for a staff meeting. I prefer to work with more spontaneity especially when they are gaps in my schedule. I had that opportunity today to have a staff meeting over lunch. It was fascinating.

I asked Lebo what the highlight was for her in terms of her  learning and experience the 2015. She shared a lot of interesting information particularly in regard to the advanced work that she saw me doing  which she had never seen done before. On the soft side, she certainly  has become more comfortable in speaking to patients.

I had read in one of the Brady newsletters the importance of getting to know patient well before treating their teeth. The newsletter also mentioned finding out  three personal facts about the patient that would facilitate a warm and friendly relationship.

The goal that we have set for 2016 is to establish for every patient three personal facts that we can build on in cultivating that relationship. I’m sure that will help greatly in  allowing them to go  ahead with the dentistry that they need by wanting it.

Jackie continues to be fantastic and innovative. I wonder if you been following a Facebook activity?  Lebo remarked  that I’m so much more relaxed since Jackie took over the front desk.

My ability to connect with patients and sell the dentistry has improved dramatically. I’m highly conscious of the emotional side of the interaction and try very hard to minimise the “tell” mode.

As I told you previously, I mention your name so often. You have been profoundly influential in my growth and development even at my late stage in life.

I wish you all the best as a year comes to an end and thank you very much again for your beautiful friendship.


Dr Gerald B. Kaplan
Gerald B. Kaplan Prosthodontist

Johannesburg, S. Africa