2015 was our highest collections total ever!

23 Feb

When our team started with the Brady Group about 8 yTeam Tree 070715ears ago, we had previous experience working with two different consultant groups. While each relationship helped us improve, I felt we still were not reaching our full potential.

I knew what I wanted to accomplish: simplified systems, a bonus/incentive plan that motivated the team and was fair to both team and doctor, lower overhead, and more time off without
a significant decrease in productivity. I just didn’t know how to get there. Working with Chris, Amy, and the rest of the Brady Group team, we were challenged individually and as a team to create a vision of where we wanted our practice to go, and then given the tools to help us get there.  Our team has grown professionally and personally, and the interaction with other Brady Group doctors and teams has shown us what is possible and encouraged us during our journey. I have grown as a leader, and our team has reached a level of trust in each other that I was not sure was possible.

How successful have we been? 2015 was our highest collections total ever while seeing patients for only 180 days during the year.  Our profitability is excellent and our overhead is 54%. We are not contracted with any insurance plans. The systems the Brady Group helped us implement allowed us to accomplish this with 3 highly motivated and cross trained full time in office team members (and one ace full time business administrator working from home), which is two less team members than when we started. Last year, every team member ear
ned over $12,000 each in additional earned income (bonus). In 2016 we are working 12 less days, seeing patients for a total of 168 days, and structuring the schedule so that we are taking the entire month of July off. Most importantly of all, we’ve done it emphasizing an attitude of service to our patients that honors each individual’s unique priorities and wants.

We still have work to do and improvements to make (especially the doctor!), but are confident going forward that we will be able to meet the challenges that each of us in dentistry face each day. If you and your team are willing to truly look at yourself honestly, have the courage to change, and need an expert to help with that process, I highly recommend the Brady Group team.

David R. Hennington

Tradewinds Dental, Georgetown, TX


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