‘You have been profoundly influential’

30 Nov


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Dear Amy,

As our year comes to an end, I am reminded of the coaching that you gave us in planning for the year ahead. I also  recall that we should be reviewing our vision and also  setting  goals for 2016.

It hasn’t worked for me to set aside the first  hour  of a Monday morning for a staff meeting. I prefer to work with more spontaneity especially when they are gaps in my schedule. I had that opportunity today to have a staff meeting over lunch. It was fascinating.

I asked Lebo what the highlight was for her in terms of her  learning and experience the 2015. She shared a lot of interesting information particularly in regard to the advanced work that she saw me doing  which she had never seen done before. On the soft side, she certainly  has become more comfortable in speaking to patients.

I had read in one of the Brady newsletters the importance of getting to know patient well before treating their teeth. The newsletter also mentioned finding out  three personal facts about the patient that would facilitate a warm and friendly relationship.

The goal that we have set for 2016 is to establish for every patient three personal facts that we can build on in cultivating that relationship. I’m sure that will help greatly in  allowing them to go  ahead with the dentistry that they need by wanting it.

Jackie continues to be fantastic and innovative. I wonder if you been following a Facebook activity?  Lebo remarked  that I’m so much more relaxed since Jackie took over the front desk.

My ability to connect with patients and sell the dentistry has improved dramatically. I’m highly conscious of the emotional side of the interaction and try very hard to minimise the “tell” mode.

As I told you previously, I mention your name so often. You have been profoundly influential in my growth and development even at my late stage in life.

I wish you all the best as a year comes to an end and thank you very much again for your beautiful friendship.


Dr Gerald B. Kaplan
Gerald B. Kaplan Prosthodontist

Johannesburg, S. Africa

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