Remarkable Adventure!

20 Nov


Thank you for your time this morning. I am motivated to get to 11 day cycles so we will get to work! Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas.

Below are three photos from Africa, my wife Cappi took. She took  over 800 pics so it is hard to pick just one. The first is a photo of five Lion cubs, the larger ones were just over a year old the others,  this years cubs about four months old. Their mothers were out hunting. Three more cubs were just right of the photo. We were about 20 feet away. It was taken in Phinda game preserve in South Africa. The second photo is on top of  table mountain in Cape Town overlooking the harbor. The third photo was taken in Hwange national park in Zimbabwe,  south of Victoria Falls.

You helped make it possible to take the time off for this remarkable adventure. THANK YOU!

Steve Baumgart, DDS

Denver, CO



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