Corporate dentistry vs. private practice… how it affects your care.

18 Nov

Decisions are made differently in a corporate environment than in a small business.  When it comes to dentistry, this has a direct impact on choices for patient care.  Our clients know that running a strong small business gives them the best opportunity to make the choices they prefer for patient care.  In this way, thriving as a small business can mean raising the standard of care for patients, which is the best reason for a dentist to practice as a strong small business.

In a corporation-run dental office, the dentist practices dentistry with the available resources.  There may be some basic input on materials, techniques and standards but for the most part, the dentist is an employee and not a decision-maker at the highest level.  There is no doubt, these dentist do their best work for their patients.  However, there can be a difference in the kinds of treatments and services that are offered by independently-owned private dental clinics.  This begs the question, what is different when the dentist is making all the decisions?

For instance, a dentist’s choice to study and practice some leading edge dental techniques can introduce an entirely new element to a dental practice that lead to higher standards for care.  Specialized niches are emerging in dentistry such as Biomimetic Dentistry and Oral-Systemic Connection among others.  Leading edge science is developing techniques and materials that are changing dentistry, making it less invasive and more beneficial to overall health.  These niches are not adopted by corporate dental businesses until there is a business demand for it.

Meanwhile, a dentist who is a small business owner can make the choice to learn and introduce such niche, leading edge techniques because his/her motivation is not based on business demand.  Our clients recognize that they have the chance to offer better standard, to simply offer better dentistry.  As a small business owner, there is only one person who has to approve that: the dentist.

Our practice helps dentists maintain their autonomy as private health care providers who can make choices to improve the standard of care.   You can have a strong, thriving practice by learning to run it more effectively as a small business.   With insurance issues and corporate competitors, running a dental practice is different these days.  However, keeping your eye on the basics about why you became a dentist in the first place keeps your purpose true.  If you are ready to learn more about improving the business of your practice so you have the freedom to focus on standards of care, please contact us today to learn more about The Brady Group.

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