What Happens When You Practice What You Preach…

1 Nov

This is what Dr. Brady and his team experienced last week —

Last Thursday, an out of town person visiting Colorado Springs called with an emergency. He pulled off 2 crowns with Halloween candy. As we finished re-cementing the crowns, we asked ‘when was the last time you sat down with your dentist to take a careful look at the health of your mouth and develop a life time plan’? His answer . . . ‘Never’. ‘How would you feel about sitting down with us for a no-charge visit to chat about the condition of your mouth and put some sort of a plan together?’ He said that he was going back ‘home’ in 7 days but if we could do it before then, . . . We asked him to come back the next day (Friday-we were going to be in the office doing a big case). He agreed. We took photos and were ready for the next day’s planning appointment.

He arrived with his spouse. L After learning how he felt about his teeth, we threw out some possibilities for helping him save his teeth. His wife had a ton of ‘negative’ questions about the treatment. But remembering the goal is to get as many ‘No’s’ as possible, we stayed the course. Time for the close. Fee is $29,500. No one said anything. Finally, he broke the silence and asked his wife what she thought. Surprisingly she said, “Do you want to have your teeth when you’re 80? You have the money. Why don’t you get it done.” YES!!! He’s seeing Vickie to have his teeth cleaned before he leaves to return to Florida and is returning after the first of the year to have his dentistry completed. What we learned? Always ask EVERYONE for a planning appointment. Because, you never know.   They just may say ‘Yes’!

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