You’ll Never Guess What Happened This Morning!

12 Jun


Dear Amy,


You really will not believe what happened this morning…

I was referred a new patient by my wife and I saw him this morning. His main complaint is a fractured upper central incisor.

The handoff from Janine at reception to Lebo  at the chair side and then to me was exactly as we have been trained to do. The conversation involved open-ended questions to the point where he agreed allowed  me to examine the rest of his mouth and then comment.

I took photographs which I put onto my iPad and that became the basis for a meaningful discussion.  I allowed  the patient to describe what he saw, me guiding him in the process.

He fully understood what I was saying in my approach and was happy for me to continue with the necessary treatment which will now be scheduled.

The most incredible thing is that the photographs that I took are exactly what I wanted and which  I’m going  to use all the time now.

Because we got on so well and clicked, I asked him for a video testimonial describing his experience of this initial appointment. This he gladly did and in due course I will post it on my Facebook site.

Quite amazing!


Dr Gerald B. Kaplan

Johannesburg, South Africa

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