1 May
Dr. Brady’s ‘Mission Possible’ Seminar was mind-blowing, to say the least!  I feel excited and energized by what I have seen and heard from Dr. Brady and other offices that are having major success with his principles. 

Our dental team is ready to change.  We know it’s going to be tough, but just knowing what those changes will bring (less stress and more success), we are ready to dive in!

I love how Chris and Amy are so supportive.  I can tell you really care about us.  You know what is possible for us and I feel as if you are excited to get us there!  Thank you!

Barb – Front Desk Goddess

Dr. Jeffrey Roth

Hailey, Idaho


If you missed Mission Possible in Vegas last week, no worries! We will be in Houston for the next Mission Possible August 13-15th.  Email Amy for details!  amy@bradygroupllc.com

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