Secret Shoppers Reveal Leaks

22 Apr

We’ve had the opportunity over the last few weeks to ‘secret shop’ several practices – really great practices.  Yes, these are practices that have great reputations, ‘cream of the crop’ team members, and by all outward appearances, they have it all together.  Until a new patient calls the office, that is. 

The biggest offenses?  No compassion. No enthusiasm.  No relationship built.  For you, it’s just routine.  You’ve heard ‘I have a broken tooth’ a million times – and you’re responding as if you’ve heard it a million times.  You’re just simply answering questions and being ‘friendly’, so you think you’re doing your job, right?  WRONG. 

You see, people want to spend their time and resources in places and with people that make them feel good.  What about your new patient phone experience leaves them warm and fuzzy? 

Want more resources and help to be sure there are no leaks?  Contact Amy, Personal Coach for the Brady Group –


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