Hygienist FAQ #1

31 Mar

I only have an hour for a new patient visit.  How do we have enough time to take pictures?


Today’s Challenge:

In the beginning, it’s tough to let go of old systems, as well as procedures that will now take place later in the patient flow process.  As a result, the new patient hygiene visit is being conducted as it always has, trying to pile the photos, study models, questions and planning appointment invitation on top.  This can definitely put stress on your schedule and cause you to run behind.  Prioritizing these things can help you organize the appointment so that you can stay on time.


Here are the MOST IMPORTANT things that ought to take place…


  1. Give them what they want, ie: clean their teeth.
  2. Further establish their goals/wants.
  3. Take photos/x-rays
  4. Invite them back for a planning appointment


We are not skipping anything, just simply changing the order.  The comprehensive exam ought to take place at the planning appointment.  The full periodontal charting can be accomplished at the planning appointment or even at the start of treatment when they have been anesthetized.

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