CHALLENGE for today!

18 Jul

So, there he was – the Tinman – all rusted up. He could hardly move, he could barely make a sound. He seemed more than ready for the junk heap. Sell him for scrap metal!  But then what happened? Dorothy came along with an oil can! And – voila – the Tinman got a few shots of oil and he was as good as new. No, I think he became even better than new!
Just think about it. A few drops of oil – cost just a few cents of petroleum and took just a few minutes to apply. And, voila – it fixed something/someone with tremendous potential and value. In this case, Dorothy did a tune up on the Tinman!! It was simple and easy to do, and it had great value for the minimum amount of work required.
We just mustn’t forget that there are most likely people, situations, and physical THINGS all around us much of the time that can be improved, often quite easily. Often, a little bit of focus and concentration will improves things for us and/or for others. 
Today’s Challenge:
Are you making things too difficult? What are the simple things in the practice that you’re overlooking? Those that require minimal effort to ‘fix’?

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