A Story For You To Enjoy!

11 Jul

This is a testament to Becky’s  perseverance and willingness to get out of her comfort zone.  I can soooo relate! See, we begin by thinking ‘I could NEVER do that!’, then pretty soon it becomes a part of who we are – we can’t imagine operating any other way.  Way to go, Becky!!
From: Scott STEWART <stewartsmiles@hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2013 15:28:11 -0600
To: Office 2004 Test Drive User <amydrewery@verizon.net>

Hi, Amy!

Just thought I’d tell you a funny story…

Over the last few months when I’ve had patients calling to give me pre-payments they either act it like it’s a requirement to keep their appointment or they act like it’s the best offer since sliced bread to get a pre-payed savings!

In no way have I EVER given the impression that I’m the office Gestapo (pay by 5 pm or don’t bother coming)!   Also, I’m not perfect about offering pre-paid savings, by any small stretch of the imagination!

I just find it interesting that somehow my verb age has caused the patients to accept this as part of how our office operates and after just mentioning it once they’re calling me the day before the appointment, credit card in hand, rattling off their number almost faster than I can write it down!

It’s a fun sense of accomplishment! Is that vindictive?? May be I’ve just scared these people 1/2 to death??? Well…I’m going the Optimistic route & calling it an accomplishment since it’s a positive benefit for all parties involved!

I think the most important thing to get across about this is that many times you only have to say it once! Not only do those people pre-pay every time, then someone in the waiting room hears it & says “does that apply to me too?” or the patients you have told tell the friends they’re referring “Oh…be sure to ask about the cash discount they offer”!
Problem solved!! The patient’s are doing your job for you! SCORE!

Have a good day!!



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