What Happens In Vegas…

29 Apr

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas


                     Well, hopefully not ALL that happens…




We had a fabulous time at the “Mission Possible” event in Las Vegas at the Red Rock Resort last week!  It’s so fun to see new practices that are just getting started in the program– we have some terrific teams that are ready to fine-tune their systems, as well as some veteran teams that came for a refresher.  You all are what makes the Brady Group a success – we congratulate you, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!




While the Mission Possible can certainly invigorate you to go back and do great things, it can become overwhelming if we don’t approach it in the right way.  For those of you who did not just attend the MP, it’s a great time to look at your situation – if you are not getting the results you desire, it may be time to ‘get back to basics’.




Things to remember:




   1.  This program is a journey, not an event.  We don’t hand out magic pills.  The process of change is gradual – be patient with yourselves!




2.  Celebrate your successes along the way.  It’s so easy to think of all the things you are NOT doing, that you can lose sight of the progress you have made.  Take time to acknowledge your co-workers when you see them try something new.




3. Don’t try to do it ALL today – set personal and practice goals on a weekly basis and support each other in accomplishing those goals. 




4. Don’t skip the foundational systems – We all want to jump to the ‘good stuff’ – those systems that we think will give us immediate results.  Don’t forget to set the foundation with the following:




*Honor the Patient Reservation System – this will allow many of the other systems to happen much easier.


*Schedule weekly team meetings as well as your am/pm huddles to allow frequent communication with each other.


*Track the practice statistics consistently with the monitors. Not only will you know what production is, but you will be able to determine WHY – good or bad, and make adjustments based on that information.




5. Plan to come to another “Mission Possible” event within the next year.  You will be at a different place in your journey and will hear things in a whole new way.




6. Utilize the tools provided by the Brady Group.  We are here to help you.  Don’t feel as if you have to wait until the next meeting to get your questions answered.  While your personal coaches will check in with your periodically, we invite you to contact us whenever you need help.  Email, ichat and phone coaching are always available to you.




7. Show Up!  The Brady Group is not just about information.  It’s about relationships with other doctors and team members who have, are or will experience the same things as you.  The events held throughout the year offer a support system that cannot be replaced.  Our calendar is complete through the end of 2014 – get those dates scheduled!




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