“Congrats on Another Record Cycle, Team Nemec!”

27 Aug

Chris, Amy and the Brady Team,

I am just writing to say we had another record cycle! We had a production/collection average of $169,884. We already have over $118,000 on the books for the new cycle we are starting, with quite a few boulders still available. And with the new associate, Dr. Hobson, starting in a couple of weeks, we have only begun to achieve this level on a regular basis.

Each month since we have opened the new office at the end of March has been an all-time record cycle. We had a beautiful, state-of-the-art office before this, but it just goes to show the kind of excitement an improvement/expansion can generate from the team as well as your patient base. I think that in the minds of our clients, our growth symbolizes the quality of work we offer. And the success we are having is despite the “economic downturn” the media has been inundating all of us with. Many of our existing patients, after seeing the new office, have finally decided to begin their cosmetic treatments and large restorative cases, and this has certainly helped us achieve these record numbers. Very exciting for us AND them!

So if any of your doctors are contemplating an office expansion, improvement, move……GO FOR IT!!! If you have had trouble getting your Brady systems perfected, then make that the foundation for your office make-over. Throw down the gauntlet with your team that you are investing in them and their future as much as you are investing in your own. That is what has made my practice such a success since joining the Brady Group and embracing the systems. I want the same to happen for all of our wonderful friends in the program!

So thanks again to Chris and his team for lighting the way. And thanks to great guys like Mason, Darryl, Kirk (and to a lesser extent his burden of a partner Paul), and many others who were there to help me up after Chris beat me down those first few doctor’s meetings in Dallas just 4 years ago. And most importantly, thanks to my team (who by the way just each earned a $1,335 bonus check) for taking this great journey with me. I know I can be demanding to work for and never say thank you enough, but I love each one of you and I love where this ship is headed.

Benjy Nemec, DDS
Austin, TX

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