“Team O’Brien going to knock this cycle out of the ballpark!”

9 Feb
“Thanks, for the encouragement, Amy!  You are great!  I collected a post dated check for $24,000 to be processed on Monday.  We are going to knock this cycle out of the ballpark.  We are all soooo excited!  Now that we can see that we can actually do it, I am positive we can continue to encourage our patients to get the treatment they want and need!  The bonus is a great incentive, but I think the best incentive of all is to see the excitement in Dr. O’Brien’s eyes!  He is always upbeat about the practice, but now he is like a kid in a candy store!  We all love him so much that that alone is award enough!  What a great place we are all in….and the good part is that we all know and appreciate the man who leads us, his compassion, honesty and example are benefits not only at work but in our family lives!  We all feel valued and appreciated every single day!  I don’t know how I was every lucky enough to end up in this heaven in which I work!  Thanks for your support!”
Shirley @ Dr Kelly O’Brien’s office
Salt Lake City, UT

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