“That really puts a smile on my face!”

3 Feb

“Chris and Amy:  In our quest to “Better our best” year of last year, one thing we are tracking is our 2012 bonuses as compared to our 2011 bonuses.  Noting that January and February of 2011 were not our best months, I focused our team on crushing last year’s bonus for those months.  I am happy to report that after compiling the stats, the bonus the team received in January was 1,560.53 as compared to 798.75 in 2011; and the bonus the team will receive this month is 1,660.51 as compared to 561.11 of last year.  All totalled, each team member is plus $1,861.18/each.  Bonus per team member so far is $3,221.04, which just about puts us on schedule for each team member to earn a total AEI for 2012 of $20,000!”

That really puts a smile on my face!

Kurt Williams, DDS
Central Kansas Dentistry, PA

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