“Showed him the check and we saw THE HAPPY DANCE!!!”

15 Dec

Well, Amy, we finally saw Doc’s happy dance!!!

This week one of our patient’s came in to make a prepayment for treatment for him and his wife. The total prepayment for both was $44,908.75 and he wrote me a check. Let me tell you it’s a little tough to keep your game face on when you get handed a check that size.

As soon as our patient’s left (it was the end of the day) I took the check to Dr. Hennington and asked him, “What is it going to take for us to ever see your happy dance?”  He told me that it would have to be totally spontaneous, if it ever happened. I then showed him the check and we saw THE HAPPY DANCE!!! What a great way to wind up our year. This is the biggest check we’ve ever received, not to mention a prepayment check, and they haven’t even scheduled their treatment yet!

Thanks so much for all you do to help us be the best we can be. We look forward to overcoming some of our recent challenges and moving to an even higher level in the coming year!

Alana @ Dr David Hennigton’s office
Georgetown, TX


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