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7 Jun

Are You A Doubt Pusher Or Faith Feeder?

Do you have faith in your abilities to reach your vision? Do you have faith in the Brady Group systems? Do you have faith in the future? Or are you the eternal pessimist, always finding the negative in every situation?

Doubt Pushers:

* See and experience all of the same things that faith feeders see and experience. It would be interesting if a doubt pusher and faith feeder switched practices for a year. Doubt pushers commonly complain that they are in the wrong location, have the wrong patients, etc. A faith feeder recognizes they are responsible for their own happiness and success.

* Quickly turn the conversation from the positive to the negative. ‘We had our best month ever. BUT, if it weren’t for that big case, we wouldn’t have done it’.

* Reject encouragement. Doubt pushers love a pity party. They don’t want the truth – they have made up their mind.

* Exaggerate and instill fear in others. Doubt pushers spread bad news- they want to share and pass on their own doubts. ‘All of our patients are leaving!’ ‘This is never going to work!’

* Have a poor self-image. They see others from their perspectives of who they are.

* Cause others to fail in reaching their potential. Negative attitudes bring everyone down. The leader of the practice sets the pace. If the leader is a doubt pusher, it’s likely that he will instill this in others.

Faith Feeders:

* Approach each day expecting to learn from their mistakes as well as their successes.

* Associate with other faith feeders. Get away from those in your life who are doubt pushers!! Attend Brady meetings and participate.

* Are willing to ask for help. Know that others want to help you achieve your success and that not everyone is working against you. Your team is on your side, that is if you allow them to be.

* Talk about what they want to have happen, not what they don’t want to have happen.

* Focus on the future, not the past. Most of our time is spent talking about what went wrong in the past, yet we can’t change it. We can change the future, so focus there.

* Celebrate successes. Talk about what is going well and take time to acknowledge each other.

What are you doing to feed your faith in the future?

“If you approach life with a sense of possibility and the expectation of positive results, you’re more likely to have a life in which possibilities are realized and results are positive.”

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