“Productions & collections are exceeding our goals – very exciting times.”

10 May

“Hi Amy – Just sending in the monitors from our last cycle.  We are on fire!  Our productions and collections are exceeding our goals and each team member took home $1090 this week.  It was one of the best months ever!  Diagnosis and appointment treatment are the highest they have ever been.  Pre-pays are going well and we are over $33,000 in the black for accounts receivable.  Our expenses are at 46%, not including our notes payable.  All of this and we had even changed our hours so that we only do a half day on Thursdays.  Very exciting times!  In the middle of the cycle, we hired a new team member, Kim, to help with the front desk and eventually handle insurance.  Our schedule is full and we have over $90,000 in production already on the books for the current cycle.  Yes, very exciting times!”

Team Nemec, Austin, TX

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