“Produced $120,000.00. The team collected 150% of what we produced!”

9 Jan

“Happy New Year!  I have some very exiting news to report. Initially I was very worried about the month of December because we shortened it to 13 days when I took our new team members to mission possible in Vegas, then on top of that, Amy Jo had her baby 3 weeks early (both mama and baby are doing fine).  I presented the challenges of 24K projected less production to the team and we made some adjustments. Some of the team members were willing to make up days during the break. Here is how things turned out:

The team (including everyone, and especially  Tammy doing the collection and Katy setting the table, who are  both brand new and  just went to Vegas) collected $178,000.00 !!!!!!  Much of this was prepayment  and some was collecting from past treatment. Tammy and Chase bank are a great combination. We produced $120,000.00 The team collected 150% of what we produced. The year end percentage was a 102% collection rate. Everybody pulled together to make it happen.

One make -up day during the break only Katy and Tammy worked. We produced over $6,400 that day and collected over 16 grand from a patient I thought would probably not schedule. These ladies are hitting home run after home run with planning appointments.  We are asking the patients what they want, how they feel about long term solutions and talking about the benefits to them, Katy is doing a great job finding out what patients want, setting up the planning appointment, giving me the hand-off and hiding my explorer (literally).

When I talked to the team about it, they decided that Tammy should not have to wait 90 days to start sharing the bonus. When I talked to Tammy about the good news she said “I know what I was hired to do, ” and “I am just doing what Dr. Brady asked us to. ”
There were some long days, but there were also some pretty relaxed days with big production.”

Dr. Kanona W. Felt, Carlsbad, NM

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