“Counting My Chips.”

16 Dec

“Chris: I know it’s not good form to look at the year’s numbers before the year is over–probably like a gambler counting his chips at the table while he’s still playing!  But, I had to look.  These numbers don’t count the 6 days I have left in the year, either.

1.  The practice has seen 205 fewer patients this year.
2.  We have had a 10.5% jump in production
3.  We have had an 8.5% jump in collections
4.  We have collected 103% of production
5.  The staff to this point is on pace for $11,000 AEI/person for the year(over $3,000 more than last year) 20th straight year establishing a new collection record for Team Williams.

Not bad for a “down” year!”

Kurt A. Williams, DDS
Ellsworth, KS

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